Magnetic bead use for IP is skyrocketing

The publication trends for immunoprecipitation say it all. Recent years have seen a skyrocketing increase in the number of publications citing the use of magnetic beads (and Invitrogen Dynabeads products in particular) vs. other technologies and products (e.g., Sepharose™ resin from GE Healthcare) for immunoprecipitation procedures. Why? Dynabeads magnetic beads have the following advantages:

  • Higher reproducibility—handling consistency leads to more consistent results
  • Easier handling—~30 min protocol and no centrifugation helps make magnetic beads popular for those doing IP on a regular basis
  • Almost no background—magnetic beads have minimal non-specific binding, and no pre-clearing is necessary
  • Antibody savings—all binding occurs on bead outer surface, helping you conserve precious antibodies
  • Lower signal-to-noise—easy and efficient washing helps ensure superior contaminant removal
  • Gives you more control—designed to help you balance capacity/yield, reproducibility, and purity and reduce overall cost
Dynabeads IP citations
Dynabeads IP citations.
Dynabeads IP citations
Dynabeads ChIP citations.

Below is a selection of citations for the use of Dynabeads magnetic beads in various applications. You can sort the table using the column arrows or search the table using the search box.

Additional citations can be found in our Citations and References database. The database can be searched using a product catalog number or keyword. For example, searching with the term "10001D" will return a list of journal articles that cite the use of Dynabeads Protein A for Immunoprecipitation (Cat. No. 10001D) and searching with the term "dynabeads" will return a list of journal articles that cite the use of any Dynabeads product. Note that the Citations and References database on contains only the small subset of scientific journal articles that cite the use of our products. Many more can be found via targeted searches of the PubMed™ database and similar.

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Mutation of the angiopoietin-1 gene (ANGPT1) associates with a new type of hereditary angioedema2018Journal of Allergy and Clinical ImmunologyDynabeads Protein A
A General Non-Radioactive ATPase Assay for Chromatin Remodeling Complexes2018Current protocols in chemical biologyDynabeads Protein A
TREM2 is a receptor for β-amyloid that mediates microglial function2018NeuronDynabeads Protein G
Linking E-cadherin mechanotransduction to cell metabolism through force-mediated activation of AMPK2017Nature CellDynabeads Protein A
Unique roles for histone H3K9me states in RNAi and heritable silencing of transcription2017NatureDynabeads Protein A
Mll3 and Mll4 facilitate enhancer RNA synthesis and transcription from promoters independently of H3K4 monomethylation2017Molecular CellDynabeads Protein G
KRAB zinc-finger proteins contribute to the evolution of gene regulatory networks2017NatureDynabeads Protein G
Glycolytic genes are targets of the nuclear receptor Ad4BP/SF-12014Nat CommunDynabeads Protein A
Activation of TAK1 by MYD88 L265P drives malignant B-cell growth in non-Hodgkin lymphoma2014Blood Cancer JDynabeads Protein A
MafB promotes atherosclerosis by inhibiting foam-cell apoptosis2014Nat CommunDynabeads Protein A
Cyclin D1-Cdk4 controls glucose metabolism independently of cell cycle progression2014NatureDynabeads Protein A
MYPT1 regulates contractility and microtubule acetylation to modulate integrin adhesions and matrix assembly2014Nat CommunDynabeads Protein A
BRCA2 prevents R-loop accumulation and associates with TREX-2 mRNA export factor PCID22014NatureDynabeads Protein A
The nucleoporin MEL-28 promotes RanGTP-dependent γ-tubulin recruitment and microtubule nucleation in mitotic spindle formation2014Nat CommunDynabeads Protein A
Interactome analysis of AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK)-α1 and -β1 in INS-1 pancreatic beta-cells by affinity purification-mass spectrometry2014Sci RepDynabeads Protein G
Differential affinity of FLIP and procaspase 8 for FADD's DED binding surfaces regulates DISC assembly2014Nat CommunDynabeads Protein G
MYPT1 regulates contractility and microtubule acetylation to modulate integrin adhesions and matrix assembly2014Nat CommunDynabeads Protein G
Emi2 mediates meiotic MII arrest by competitively inhibiting the binding of Ube2S to the APC/C2014Nat CommunDynabeads Protein G
ARID1B is a specific vulnerability in ARID1A-mutant cancers2014Nat MedDynabeads Protein G
Human colorectal cancer-specific CCAT1-L lncRNA regulates long-range chromatin interactions at the MYC locus2014Cell ResDynabeads Protein G
A recently evolved class of alternative 3'-terminal exons involved in cell cycle regulation by topoisomerase inhibitors2014Nat CommunDynabeads Protein G
Regulation of Mdm2 protein stability and the p53 response by NEDD4-1 E3 ligase2014OncogeneDynabeads Protein G
PVT1 dependence in cancer with MYC copy-number increase2014NatureDynabeads Protein G
BRCA2 prevents R-loop accumulation and associates with TREX-2 mRNA export factor PCID22014NatureDynabeads Protein G
Nuclear localization in the biology of the CD40 receptor in normal and neoplastic human B lymphocytes2006J Biol ChemDynabeads Protein A
Androgen receptor remains critical for cell-cycle progression in androgen-independent CWR22 prostate cancer cells2006Am J PatholDynabeads Protein A
NEDD1-dependent recruitment of the gamma-tubulin ring complex to the centrosome is necessary for centriole duplication and spindle assembly2006J Cell BiolDynabeads Protein A
The Bacillus subtilis DivIVA protein has a sporulation-specific proximity to Spo0J2006J BacteriolDynabeads Protein G
Dpb11, the budding yeast homolog of TopBP1, functions with the checkpoint clamp in recombination repair2006Nucleic Acids ResDynabeads Protein G
Mpp4 recruits Psd95 and Veli3 towards the photoreceptor synapse2006Human Mol GenetDynabeads Protein G
Nitration and inactivation of IDO by peroxynitrite2006J ImmunolDynabeads Protein G
Identification of a protein subset of the anthrax spore immunome in humans immunized with the anthrax vaccine adsorbed preparation2005Infect ImmunDynabeads Protein A
Constitutive NF-kappaB and NFAT activation in aggressive B-cell lymphomas synergistically activates the CD154 gene and maintains lymphoma cell survival2005BloodDynabeads Protein A
Interleukin-21 receptor gene induction in human T cells is mediated by T-cell receptor-induced Sp1 activity2005Mol Cell BiolDynabeads Protein A
The survival of motor neurons protein determines the capacity for snRNP assembly: biochemical deficiency in spinal muscular atrophy2005Mol Cell BiolDynabeads Protein A
Gemins modulate the expression and activity of the SMN complex2005Hum Mol GenetDynabeads Protein A
Functional contribution of Pds5 to cohesin-mediated cohesion in human cells and Xenopus egg extracts2005J Cell SciDynabeads Protein A
ZW10 links mitotic checkpoint signaling to the structural kinetochore2005J Cell BiolDynabeads Protein A
Reduction of total E2F/DP activity induces senescence-like cell cycle arrest in cancer cells lacking functional pRB and p532005J Cell BiolDynabeads Protein A
E-cadherin regulates the association between beta-catenin and actinin-42005Cancer ResDynabeads Protein G
Identification of a protein subset of the anthrax spore immunome in humans immunized with the anthrax vaccine adsorbed preparation2005Infect ImmunDynabeads Protein G
Overexpression of an anti-CD3 immunotoxin increases expression and secretion of molecular chaperone BiP/Kar2p by Pichia pastoris2005Appl Environ MicrobiolDynabeads Protein G
Novel cardioprotective role of a small heat-shock protein, Hsp20, against ischemia/reperfusion injury2005CirculationDynabeads Protein G
The polyglutamine neurodegenerative protein ataxin 3 regulates aggresome formation2005Proc Natl Acad Sci U S ADynabeads Protein G
Repair of U/G and U/A in DNA by UNG2-associated repair complexes takes place predominantly by short-patch repair both in proliferating and growth-arrested cells2004Nucleic Acids ResDynabeads Protein A  
A plant snoRNP complex containing snoRNAs, fibrillarin, and nucleolin-like proteins is competent for both rRNA gene binding and pre-rRNA processing in vitro2004Mol Cell BiolDynabeads Protein A
Tissue transglutaminase is a multifunctional BH3-only protein2004J Biol ChemDynabeads Protein G
A prototype antibody microarray platform to monitor changes in protein tyrosine phosphorylation2004Mol Cell ProteomicsDynabeads Protein G
Mutant huntingtin impairs axonal trafficking in mammalian neurons in vivo and in vitro2004Mol Cell BiolDynabeads Protein G
Multiprotein complex containing succinate dehydrogenase confers mitochondrial ATP-sensitive K+ channel activity2004Proc Natl Acad Sci U S ADynabeads Protein G
Comprehensive search for HNF-1beta-regulated genes in mouse hepatoma cells perturbed by transcription regulatory factor-targeted RNAi2004Nucleic Acids ResDynabeads Protein G
The polo box is required for multiple functions of Plx1 in mitosis2004J Biol ChemDynabeads Protein G
The role and regulation of the preRC component Cdc6 in the initiation of premeiotic DNA replication2004Mol Biol CellDynabeads Protein G
Histone fold protein Dls1p is required for Isw2-dependent chromatin remodeling in vivo2004Mol Cell BiolDynabeads Protein G
Protein sorting in the late Golgi of Saccharomyces cerevisiae does not require mannosylated sphingolipids2004J Biol ChemDynabeads Protein G
The barrier-to-autointegration factor is a component of functional human immunodeficiency virus type 1 preintegration complexes2003J VirolDynabeads Protein A
Multicolor in vitro translation2003Nat BiotechnolIsolation via coupled peptides
Parallel activation of phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase and phospholipase C by the extracellular calcium-sensing receptor2002J Biol ChemDynabeads Protein A
Interaction with 14-3-3 proteins promotes functional expression of the potassium channels TASK-1 and TASK-32002J PhysiolDynabeads Protein A
Heterogeneity in the modification and involvement of chromatin components of the CpG island of the silenced human CDH1 gene in cancer cells2002Nucleic Acids ResDynabeads Protein A
Inhibition of poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation induces DNA hypermethylation: a possible molecular mechanism2002FASEB JDynabeads Protein A
Symplekin, a constitutive protein of karyo- and cytoplasmic particles involved in mRNA biogenesis in Xenopus laevis oocytes2002Mol Biol CellFishing for large protein complexes; downstream mass spectrometry
Binding of CaMKII to the giant muscle protein projectin: stimulation of CaMKII activity by projectin2002Biochim Biophys ActaIP and co-IP
Parallel activation of phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase and phospholipase C by the extracellular calcium-sensing receptor2002J Biol ChemIsolation and immobilization of active enzymes
Paxillin associates with poly(A)-binding protein 1 at the dense endoplasmic reticulum and the leading edge of migrating cells2002J Biol ChemProtein isolation through tags; downstream mass spectrometry
Glycosylphosphatidyl inositol-anchored proteins and fyn kinase assemble in noncaveolar plasma membrane microdomains defined by reggie-1 and -22001Mol Biol CellIP and co-IP
Sugar profiling proves that human serum erythropoietin differs from recombinant human erythropoietin2001BloodDoping analysis
HFR1 encodes an atypical bHLH protein that acts in phytochrome A signal transduction2000Genes DevIP and co-IP
Identification of a novel Stat3 recruitment and activation motif within the granulocyte colony-stimulating factor receptor1999BloodIP and co-IP
A strategy for the isolation of catalytic activities from repertoires of enzymes displayed on phage1999J Mol BiolPhage display
Biopanning phage display libraries using magnetic beads vs. polystyrene plates1999BiotechniquesPhage display
Association of guide RNA binding protein gBP21 with active RNA editing complexes in Trypanosoma brucei1998Mol Cell BiolFishing for large protein complexes
Differential activation of p70 and p85 S6 kinase isoforms during cardiac hypertrophy in the adult mammal1998J Biol ChemIsolation and immobilization of active enzymes
Syntaxin 5 is a common component of the NSF- and p97-mediated reassembly pathways of Golgi cisternae from mitotic Golgi fragments in vitro1998CellIP and co-IP
Effect of ligand conformation on melanoma cell alpha3beta1 integrin-mediated signal transduction events: implications for a collagen structural modulation mechanism of tumor cell invasion.1998BiochemistryIsolation via coupled peptides
Sorting of MHC class II molecules and the associated invariant chain (Ii) in polarized MDCK cells1997J Cell SciIP and co-IP
A casein kinase I isoform is required for proper cell cycle progression in the fertilized mouse oocyte1997J Cell SciIsolation and immobilization of active enzymes
Prenucleolar bodies contain coilin and are assembled in Xenopus egg extract depleted of specific nucleolar proteins and U3 RNA1997J Cell SciDepletion of proteins
XMAP310: a Xenopus rescue-promoting factor localized to the mitotic spindle1997J Cell BiolDownstream mass spectrometry
Binding proteins selected from combinatorial libraries of an alpha-helical bacterial receptor domain1997Nat BiotechnolPhage display
A casein kinase I isoform is required for proper cell cycle progression in the fertilized mouse oocyte1997J Cell SciIsolation and immobilization of active enzymes
Inhibition of melanoma cell binding to type IV collagen by analogs of cell adhesion regulator1997J Med ChemIsolation via coupled peptides
Selection of carbohydrate-binding cell phenotypes using oligosaccharide-coated magnetic particles1997GlycobiologyIsolation via coupled carbohydrates
Methodology for selection of human antibodies to membrane proteins from a phage-display library1997J Immunol MethodsPhage display
Cloning of anti-Gal Fabs from combinatorial phage display libraries: structural analysis and comparison of Fab expression in pComb3H and pComb8 phage1997Mol ImmunolPhage display
Expression, cloning, and characterization of a Candida albicans gene, ALA1, that confers adherence properties upon Saccharomyces cerevisiae for extracellular matrix proteins1997Infect ImmunBio- and immunoassays
Immunomagnetic isolation of islets from the rat pancreas1997Biotechnol ProgBio- and immunoassays
Immunobead filtration: a novel approach for the isolation and propagation of tumor cells1997Am J PatholBio- and immunoassays
Immunomagnetic detection of Bacillus stearothermophilus spores in food and environmental samples1997Appl Environ MicrobiolIsolation of bacteria
Detection of Campylobacter jejuni in food and poultry viscera using immunomagnetic separation and microtitre hybridization1997J Appl MicrobiolIsolation of bacteria
Coupling of MALDI-TOF mass analysis to the separation of biotinylated peptides by magnetic streptavidin beads1996Anal ChemDownstream mass spectrometry
Engagement of the adhesion receptor CD22 triggers a potent stimulatory signal for B cells and blocking CD22/CD22L interactions impairs T-cell proliferation1996BloodIP and co-IP
Antiviral effect and ex vivo CD4+ T cell proliferation in HIV-positive patients as a result of CD28 costimulation1996ScienceBio- and immunoassays
Xenopus lamin B3 has a direct role in the assembly of a replication competent nucleus: evidence from cell-free egg extracts1995J Cell SciDepletion of proteins
Mechanisms of DNA demethylation in chicken embryos. Purification and properties of a 5-methylcytosine-DNA glycosylase1995J Biol ChemIsolation and immobilization of active enzymes
A kinase-cyclin pair in the RNA polymerase II holoenzyme1995NatureIsolation and immobilization of active enzymes
Insulin resistance is mediated by a proteolytic fragment of the insulin receptor1995J Biol chemIP and co-IP
Duck lymphocytes. VII. Selection of subpopulations using lectin-coated magnetic beads.1995Vet Immunol ImmunopatholIsolation via coupled carbohydrates
Immunomagnetic separation of Salmonella from foods and their detection using immunomagnetic particle (IMP)-ELISA1995Int J Food MicrobiolBio- and immunoassays
Characterization of a hypoxia-responsive adhesion molecule for leukocytes on human endothelial cells1995J ImmunolBio- and immunoassays
Solid phase DNase I footprinting: quick and versatile1994Nucleic Acids ResSolid-phase DNase I footprinting
Immunoseparation of membrane peptidases from pig lung membranes using magnetic beads1994Biochem Soc TransIsolation and immobilization of active enzymes
Inhibition of anchorage-dependent cell spreading triggers apoptosis in cultured human endothelial cells1994J Cell BiolIsolation via coupled peptides
Clustering of vitronectin and RGD peptides on microspheres leads to engagement of integrins on the luminal aspect of endothelial cell membrane1994BloodIsolation via coupled peptides
Magnetic DNA affinity purification of yeast transcription factor1993Methods EnzymolDNA and RNA binding proteins
FMR1 protein: conserved RNP family domains and selective RNA binding1993ScienceDNA and RNA binding proteins
Human granulocytes express a 55-kDa lipopolysaccharide-binding protein on the cell surface that is identical to the bactericidal/permeability-increasing protein.1993J ImmunolIsolation via coupled carbohydrates
Retroviral vectors displaying functional antibody fragments1993Nucleic Acids ResPhage display
Application of magnetic beads in bioassays1993Biotechnology (N Y)Bio- and immunoassays
Immunomagnetic purification of human microvessel endothelial cells using Dynabeads coated with monoclonal antibodies to PECAM-11993Eur J Cell BiolBio- and immunoassays
Selection of phage antibodies by binding affinity. Mimicking affinity maturation.1992J Mol BiolPhage display
hnRNP A2/B1 binds specifically to single stranded vertebrate telomeric repeat TTAGGGn1992Nucleic Acids ResIP and co-IP
Detection of Shigella dysenteriae type 1 and Shigella flexneri in feces by immunomagnetic isolation and polymerase chain reaction1992J Clin MicrobiolIsolation of bacteria
Development of the immunomagnetic enrichment method selective for Vibrio parahaemolyticus serotype K and its application to food poisoning study1992Appl Environ MicrobiolIsolation of bacteria
The use of paramagnetic beads for the detection of major histocompatibility complex class I and class II antigens1991BiotechniquesIP and co-IP
Analysis and isolation of human transferrin receptor using the OKT-9 monoclonal antibody covalently crosslinked to magnetic beads1991Anal BoichemIP and co-IP
An improved negative immunomagnetic selection strategy for the purification of primitive hemopoietic cells from normal bone marrow1991Exp HematolBio- and immunoassays
A rapid and sensitive immunoassay for tumor necrosis factor using magnetic monodisperse polymer particles1990J Immunol MethodsIP and co-IP, bio- and immunoassays
A specific in vitro bioassay for measuring erythropoietin levels in human serum and plasma1990BloodBio- and immunoassays
Unique murine tumor-associated antigens identified by tumor infiltrating lymphocytes1990J ImmunolBio- and immunoassays
Removal of HIV antigens and HIV-infected cells in vitro using immunomagnetic beads1990J Virol MethodsBio- and immunoassays
Magnetic DNA affinity purification of yeast transcription factor tau--a new purification principle for the ultrarapid isolation of near homogeneous factor1989Nucleic Acids ResDNA and RNA binding proteins
A simple and sensitive bioassay for the detection of IL-2 activity1988J Immunol MethodsBio- and immunoassays

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