Introducing a more sustainable magnetic bead portfolio

Invitrogen DynaGreen™ magnetic beads is a highly magnetic, submicron bead platform with a pioneering greener design from manufacture to customer site. Building on the strong heritage within the realm of biomolecule capture, the team behind Dynabeads has applied more than 30 years of experience with the 12 principles of green chemistry to create high performing, non-microplastic magnetic beads that give reproducible results with low non-specific binding. The choice is a better option for the environment and in line with greener lab policies, without compromising on the quality of results. Leading with DynaGreen for immunoprecipitation, these are the first products in a growing greener DynaGreen magnetic bead lineup.

Contributing to more sustainable science

DynaGreen has sprung from a desire and a need to move towards more sustainable research laboratories. 12 principles of green chemistry were applied at each development step, leading to a product that’s good for your work and good for the environment. Here is how DynaGreen magnetic beads are contributing to more sustainable science:

  • No microplastics—DynaGreen magnetic beads consist solely of inorganic materials commonly found in nature, like silica and iron oxide.
  • Simplified manufacturing—We have extensively simplified our manufacturing process to reduce manufacturing time and consumption of energy and water.
  • Sustainable chemicals—DynaGreen magnetic beads are produced with more sustainable chemicals than other magnetic beads, such as biorenewable solvents.
  • Greener buffers—DynaGreen magnetic beads are designed to be stored in a buffer that contains a greener and more environmentally friendly surfactant and biocide.
  • Flexibility—No buffers are included with the beads. Buffer recipes that are easy to prepare using common laboratory chemicals are provided in the user guide. This reduces shipping weight and therefore fuel consumption.
  • Paperless documentation—All mandatory documentation is digital (paperless) and accessible with a QR code.
  • Sustainable packaging—DynaGreen beads are packaged efficiently with recyclable materials and shipped under ambient conditions. Recycling instructions are provided. Products will not be shipped with plastic or Styrofoam in the packaging.
  • Transparency—We maintain transparency for sustainability through third-party verification—DynaGreen products are ACT labeled.

High-performance magnetic bead for immunoprecipitation

Immunoprecipitation (IP) is the affinity purification of proteins, protein complexes, protein-nucleic acid complexes, and other antigens (Ag) using a specific antibody that is immobilized to a solid support such as magnetic beads. DynaGreen magnetic beads for the Immunoprecipitation workflow are 250-micron superparamagnetic beads that enable high performance direct and indirect immunoprecipitation (IP) and are ideally suited for applications where yield and purity are of utmost importance, such as mass spectrometry.

  • Reproducible, high yield and purity direct and indirect immunoprecipitation​
  • Tunable protocols for western blotting and mass spectrometry
  • Sustainable and holistic product design with energy efficient manufacturing, recyclable packaging, and non-microplastic magnetic bead core
  • ACT labeled—third-party verification of environmental impacts
  • Backed by 30 years of Dynabeads quality and innovation
  • Fast automation workflow on the Thermo Scientific KingFisher system—40 min from the press of a button to a finished sample preparation

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The sub-micron bead size of DynaGreen magnetic beads increases the available target capture surface area and provides a low sedimentation rate resulting in efficient isolation of target protein in a simple bind-incubate-elute immunoprecipitation protocol that does not require pre-clearing. The magnetic separation technology used is also rapid and gentle, thereby causing minimal physical stress to your target proteins. The entire protocol can be automated on the KingFisher purification systems to reduce the processing time to 40 minutes.

  • No centrifugation—No need to worry about losing the bound materials or breaking the gentle antibody-antigen bonds thus increasing your yield.
  • Small size—The small size of the bead improves kinetics and helps keep it in solution readily able to collect the target protein complexes. In addition, they achieve optimum antibody binding capacity.
  • Low antibody consumption—Magnetic beads do not require large amounts of antibody to produce accurate and reproducible results. Because they are not porous in nature, there is no risk of antibodies getting trapped inside rendering them inaccessible.
  • No pre-clearing steps—Due to lower risk of non-specific binding of unwanted molecules.
  • No hazardous chemicals—Chemicals utilized are all absent from the EU REACH SVHC list.
  • No microplastics—DynaGreen magnetic beads are comprised of inorganic material—iron oxide and silica. Good for your work. Good for the world.

Image showing a vial of DynaGreen Protein A magnetic beads and the secondary cardboard packaging
DynaGreen Protein A

Image showing a vial of DynaGreen Protein A/G magnetic beads and the secondary cardboard packaging
DynaGreen Protein A/G

DynaGreen CaptureSelect Anti-IgG-Fc
DynaGreen CaptureSelect Anti-IgG-Fc

When to useParticularly well suited when you are using rabbit antibody.
Suitable when you want to pull down large amounts of protein using a rabbit antibody.
Particularly well suited when you are using mouse and rabbit antibodies.
A great all-round bead for when you want high yields of target protein with mouse and rabbit antibodies.
Suitable for all types of uses and works well with mass spectrometry.
When a high purity of sample is required, particularly for applications such as mass spectrometry.
With secondary antibodies from multiple species.
Binding capacity13–14 mg/mL
Size250 nm
Concentration20 mg/mL
Quantity beads per IP25 µl*
Non-specific bindingLowLowUltra-low
ProtocolsDirect and indirect immunoprecipitation
Mass spec compatibleYes
AutomationAutomation ready—protocols available for KingFisher Sample Purification Systems
Recyclable primary packagingYes—recycling instructions provided digitally with pack insert
SustainabilityACT label third-party verification of the sustainable impacts of a product, its manufacturing operations, and its end of life

* High binding capacity means that a smaller amount of beads are required per IP. Competitors normally use 40–100 µl.

Mass spectrometry workflow

Mass spectrometry is a powerful tool for identification, quantification and characterization of proteins in complex biological samples. A standard proteomics workflow includes sample extraction, protein isolation and digestion, HPLC separation and analysis of the resulting peptides with tandem mass spectrometry. DynaGreen magnetic beads are suitable for mass spectrometry.

Benchmarking data—performance of DynaGreen magnetic beads against competitor magnetic beads

Enrichment can be easily executed through both direct and indirect IP with DynaGreen magnetic beads. In Figures 1A and 1B, we show that high-quality pulldown of both high-abundance (CD3) and low-abundance (CD81) target protein is easily achieved with DynaGreen magnetic beads at comparable or better performance than today’s standard.

western blot showing successful isolation of CD3 with DynaGreen magnetic beads
western blot showing successful isolation of CD81 with DynaGreen magnetic beads

Figure 1A and 1B. Comparable or better performance with DynaGreen magnetic beads.

Equal amounts of sample material with respect to Ab and cell lysate were used for all IP protocols according to the manufacturer’s protocol. We found the following:

  1. DynaGreen Protein A beads outperformed all competitors in both direct and indirect IP workflows.
  2. DynaGreen Protein A/G beads outperformed all competitors in the indirect IP workflow.
  3. Thermo Scientific DynaGreen CaptureSelect Anti-IgG-Fc (Multi-species) beads gave the cleanest IP, while pulling down a comparable amount of target to Thermo Scientific Pierce Protein A/G magnetic beads (indirect workflow), Cytiva™ Sera-Mag™ SpeedBeads Protein A/G Magnetic Beads, and Bio-Rad™ SureBeads™ Protein G Magnetic Beads (direct workflow).

Western blot following either Indirect or Direct Immunoprecipitation workflow to isolate CD3

  1. Promega Magnet Protein A (Promega)
  2. DynaGreen Protein A (Thermo Fisher)
  3. Protein Xtra Sepharose Protein A (Cytiva – Sigma)
  4. Pierce Protein A (Thermo Fisher)
  5. Dynabeads Protein A (Thermo Fisher)
  6. DynaGreen Protein A (Thermo Fisher)
  7. Blank – no sample
  8. Protein A Magnetic Sepharose (Cytiva - Sigma)
  9. SureBeads Protein A (BioRad)

Western blot following either Indirect or Direct Immunoprecipitation workflow to isolate CD81, a protein low in abundance

  1. SeraMag Speed bead protein A/G (Sigma)
  2. CaptureSelect IgG-Fc (ms) Magnetic Agarose Beads (Thermo Fisher)
  3. Protein Xtra Sepharose, Protein G (Cytiva - Sigma)
  4. Pierce Protein G (Thermo Fisher)
  5. Pierce Protein A/G Magnetic Beads (Thermo Fisher)
  6. DynaGreen Anti IgG-Fc (Thermo Fisher)
  7. DynaGreen Protein A/G (Thermo Fisher)
  8. GenScript Protein A/G Mag beads (GenScript)
  9. Dynabeads Protein G (Thermo Fisher)
  10. DynaGreen Protein A/G (Thermo Fisher)
  11. DynaGreenAnti IgG-Fc (Thermo Fisher)
  12. PureProteome Protein A/G Magnetic System (Millipore)
  13. PureProteome Protein G Magnetic System (Millipore)
  14. Protein G Magnetic Sepharose (Cytiva – Sigma)
  15. SureBeads Protein G (BioRad)


DynaGreen products have been designed with automation in mind and scaling your experiments has never been easier. Seamlessly perform your direct or indirect immunoprecipitation on our KingFisher automation systems and bring your experiment time down to 40 min with up to 96 samples per run. Suitable for medium- to high-throughput laboratories, the KingFisher automation systems significantly reduce hands-on time while maintaining the same high target yield and low non-specific binding as the manual protocol.

Kingfisher protocols for DynaGreen

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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