Novex Assay Kits for Singleplex Luminex Assays

Singleplex Luminex® assays enable the analysis of single proteins from a broad range of biological sources and, when mixed together, provide greater flexibility to design and validate custom multiplex assays. Based on Luminex® xMAP® (multi-analyte profiling) technology, Invitrogen™ singleplex assays combine the accuracy, sensitivity, reproducibility, and simplicity of ELISA with the flexibility of creating a custom multiplex blend tailored to your specific needs. Both nonmagnetic (polystyrene) and magnetic kits are available.

Popular singleplex assay products

IL-6 Human Ultrasensitive Magnetic Bead Kit
IL-1 beta Human Ultrasensitive Magnetic Bead Kit
TNF alpha Human Ultrasensitive Magnetic Bead Kit

Features of Invitrogen singleplex kits for Luminex® assays

Our singleplex kits undergo rigorous quality testing and are calibrated against matching Invitrogen™ ELISA kits if available to offer confidence that switching between protein analysis platforms will provide comparable analytical results.

  • Customizable—combine and validate your different singleplex kits to create custom assays
  • Accessible—a broad and expanding menu of Invitrogen immunoassay kits based on xMAP® technology
  • Economical—significantly reduce time and costs compared to running multiple western blots and ELISAs
  • High specificity—lower cross-reactivity with other targets

We make Luminex® xMAP® technology simple and reliable to use by providing Invitrogen singleplex and multiplex assay kits, xPONENT® data analysis software, and extensive technical support, including on-site demonstrations and personalized technical consultation services.

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