Magnetic singleplex Luminex® assays enable the analysis of single proteins from a broad range of biological sources and, when mixed together, provide the flexibility to design and validate custom multiplex assays. Based on Luminex® xMAP® (multi-analyte profiling) technology, Invitrogen™ singleplex assays combine the accuracy, sensitivity, reproducibility, and simplicity of ELISA with the flexibility of creating a custom multiplex blend tailored to your specific needs. The magnetic assay format helps ensure a fast, easy workflow.

Popular magnetic singleplex assay products

Features of Invitrogen singleplex magnetic kits for Luminex® assays

Our magnetic singleplex Luminex® assays enable quantitation of single targets or your own custom blends. Every magnetic singleplex assay has been validated using the same criteria as our other Luminex® assays. Based on Luminex® xMAP (multi-analyte profiling) technology, these assays combine the efficiency of a bead-based technology with the accuracy, sensitivity, reproducibility, and simplicity of ELISA.

  • Economical and flexible—choose only the targets you require
  • Fast and efficient—blended, simultaneous analysis of multiple targets using only 50 µL
  • Highly specific—virtually no cross-reactivity with other targets

Our singleplex kits undergo rigorous quality testing and are calibrated against matching Invitrogen™ ELISA kits if available to confirm comparable analytical results between these protein analysis platforms. While it has been shown these targets can be successfully multiplexed in custom blends, slight variations due to dilution, mixing, and inherent sample variations may be seen when creating your own blended multiplex assays from individual singleplex assays.

We make Luminex® xMAP® technology simple and reliable to use by providing Invitrogen singleplex and multiplex assay kits, xPONENT® data analysis software, and extensive technical support, including on-site demonstrations and personalized technical consultation services.

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