NovaBright Beta-gal SystemNovaBright Dual Beta-Gal & Luciferase SystemNovaBright Luciferase SystemNovaBright SEAP System
Reporter Enzyme(s)Beta-galactosidaseLuciferase, beta-galactosidaseLuciferaseSecreted placental alkaline phosphatase
Key AttributesHomogeneous assay does not require removal of culture mediumDetection of luciferase and beta-galactosidase from the same cell extractIdeal for high-throughput screeningNo cell lysis required
SubstrateGalacton-Star®, Gal-Star®, Galacton-Plus®Luciferin, Galacton-Plus®LuciferinCSPD®
Duration of Light Emission60–90 min60–90 min60–90 min1–2 hr
Reagent InjectionNot requiredRequiredNot requiredNot required
Special FeaturesDesigned for assays on cells cultured in luminometer plates for high-throughput screening. Choice of reaction buffers for lysis of mammalian or yeast and mammalian cells.Two assays from one cell extract enables better precision for normalizing transfection efficiency.Linear signal from 50 fg to 100 ng, stable light emission from 10 minutes to 4-5 hours.Cells remain viable; useful for stable transfectants, time course studies, etc.
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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.