We offer luciferase reporter reagents, multiple cloning site vectors, and flash, glow and dual-spectral luciferase assay kits based on the intracellularly expressed Renilla luciferase. The Green Renilla luciferase is a 36kDa protein produced by a derivative of the wild type Renilla luciferase from the sea pansy, Renilla reniformis.

Compared to the wild type luciferase, Green Renilla is more stable in serum and has an emission spectrum that is shifted toward the green region. The protein provides extremely bright flash signal that decays rapidly. The Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Renilla Flash Assay Kit reagent optimizes this signal for use in flash-type luciferase reporter assays. The kit also is compatible for flash assays with other Renilla luciferases and derivatives that use coelenterazine as a substrate. 

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Renilla Luciferase Flash Assay Kits

Pierce Renilla Luciferase Flash Assay Kits

Renilla Luciferase Glow Assay Kits

Pierce Renilla Luciferase Glow Assay Kits

Renilla Luciferase Dual Assay Kits

Pierce Renilla-Firefly Luciferase Dual Assay Kits
Spectral TypeSingle-spectralSingle-spectralDual-spectral
Assay TypeFlash-typeGlow-typeFlash-type
  • Flash-type assays that provide an intense but short burst of light for maximum sensitivity
  • May require the use of a luminometer with reagent injectors for the greatest signal strength and reduced variability
  • Glow-type assays that provide a less intense but longer-duration signal that is amenable to higher sample throughput
  • Do not require reagent injectors
  • Simultaneously detect intracellular Renilla and Red Firefly luciferase activity
Average Half-Life30 min1 hr30 min

The Renilla Glow Assay Kit reagent effectively stabilizes this bright bioluminescence to yield a signal half-life greater than 3 hours, thus eliminating the need for a luminometer with injectors. The assay kit was optimized for best results with Green Renilla Luc Plasmids; however, this glow kit may be used to detect the activity of other Renilla luciferase derivatives that use coelenterazine as a substrate.

The Renilla-Firefly Luciferase Dual Assay Kit provides the necessary reagents to simultaneously detect intracellular Renilla and Red Firefly luciferase activity in mammalian whole cell lysates. Green Renilla produces brighter bioluminescent signal than firefly and native Renilla luciferases. The bioluminescent signal (λmax= 535nm) produced by Green Renilla luciferase protein results from the oxidation of coelenterazine. The second assay uses red firefly luciferase, which is a mutant form of the Japanese firefly luciferase Luciola cruciata. This luciferase produces a red-shifted emission spectrum (λmax= 613nm) that results from the oxidation of D-luciferin in the presence of ATP.

Green renilla luciferase reporter assay vectors

Renilla luciferase reaction

Renilla luciferase reaction

Coelenterazine is oxidized by Renilla luciferase to produce coelenteramide, carbon dioxide, and light.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.