We offer Luciferase reporter reagents, multiple cloning site vectors, glow luciferase assay kits based on the intracellularly expressed TurboLuc luciferase. Thermo Scientific TurboLuc Luciferase (Tluc16) is a 16kDa, novel intracellular luciferase derived from the marine copedod Metridia luciferase family. The Tluc16 gene has been optimized for high-throughput screening (HTS) applications. 

Featured Turbo luciferase products

The wild type TurboLuc luciferase has been modified to reduce its size, increase its brightness, and to have it expressed intracellularly. Tluc16 is much brighter than other commonly used luciferases, including firefly and Renilla, making it the ideal gene-reporter for bioluminescent assays. The intense bioluminescence greatly enhances sensitivity of Tluc luciferase-based assays, enabling detection of very minute amounts of luciferase enzyme.

The Thermo Scientific TurboLuc Luciferase One-Step Glow Assay Kit contains reagents for assaying TurboLuc16 (Tluc) luciferase activity in mammalian cell culture.

Turbo luciferase reporter assay vectors

The Tluc-DD luciferase expression vectors contain the proprietary dual-destabilization technology (DD) that reduces accumulation of the Tluc16 mRNA and Tluc16 protein in cells, enhancing the responsiveness of the assay.