This section includes specially formulated buffers for every step of Western blot processing and detection. We offer a wide range of blocking buffers, wash buffers, detergents, membrane stripping buffers and specialty Western blot reagents to help generate the best data possible from your Western blots.

Popular products

A biotin-free and serum-free blocking buffer with excellent stabilizing properties.

Strip time off your research safely and effectively.

Offers increased sensitivity, specificity and clarity in your Western blots.

Featured categories

Traditional protein blocking agents (BSA, casein and milk) and exclusive Pierce™ blocking buffers (SuperBlock™, StartingBlock™, Protein-Free) for Western blotting and other immunoassay detection methods.

Ready-to-use, pre-formulated buffers for Western blotting; includes PBS, PBS-T, TBS, TBS-T (Tween-20).

These buffers are designed to dissociate and strip primary and secondary antibodies from Western blots so that membranes can be re-probed under alternate conditions or with another antibody to detect a different protein target.

Western blotting reagents to enhance signal sensitivity and intensity, enable detection with much less primary antibody, and selectively detect your target protein to avoid interference from denatured IP antibody fragments in Western blots of immunoprecipitated proteins.


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