These specially formulated buffers are designed to dissociate and strip primary and secondary antibodies from Western blots so that membranes can be reprobed under alternate conditions or with another antibody to detect a different protein target.

Protein method: Stripping and reprobing western blots

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Which stripping buffer is right for me?

  Restore™ Stripping Buffer Restore™ Plus Stripping Restore™ Fluorescent western blot Stripping Buffer
Features Gentle, odor-free Robust yet gentle, odor free Optimized for near-infrared fluorescent blotting
Ready-to-use Yes Yes Yes
Membrane NC and PVDF NC and PVDF Use with low fluorescence PVDF membrane #22860
Time of incubation 15-30 min at RT 5-15 mins at RT 15 min at RT
Select when… Primary antibody is susceptible to stripping buffers Using high affinity primary antibody Using NIR labeled antibody
  • Detect different targets
  • Works on NC and PVDF
  • Optimize antibody concentrations
  • Designed for use with antibodies that are difficult to remove from Western blots, require longer incubation times, or incubation temperatures greater than 22°C
  • Gentle and highly effective reagent for quickly removing primary and near-infrared (IR) dye-labeled secondary antibodies from Western blots
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