The Invitrogen iBright Imaging Systems offer multiple powerful features to help make imaging and analyzing western blots and gels easy. The high-resolution 9.1 MP camera and suite of automated features helps you produce publication quality data fast. The touchscreen interface is carefully crafted to provide a smooth image capture experience. The system’s built in software and our standalone iBright Analysis Software are designed to streamline the image analysis process. Straightforward total lane protein and house-keeping protein normalization workflows allow for simpler image analysis from start to finish, no matter what your experience level.  

Highlighted Features

Convenient, intuitive interface and workflows

Clear layout of functions and features combined with a 12.1-inch capacitive touchscreen. The interface lets you easily navigate through each screen for a smooth imaging experience.

Powerful 9.1 MP camera

Capture crisp, clear, publication-quality images. Smart Exposure technology rapidly determines optimal exposure time, minimizing the need to repeat exposures to achieve the desired signal.

Essential imaging modes and applications

Five imaging modes let you efficiently and easily capture data from protein gels, nucleic acid gels, chemiluminescent western blots, and fluorescent western blots.

Fluorescent multiplexing for more data from your sample

Multiplex and capture up to four proteins in a single blot for more meaningful and representative experiments.

Streamlined image analysis

Perform data analysis with on-instrument software or our iBright Analysis Software, available in desktop and cloud-based formats. A range of analysis capabilities include absolute and relative quantitation, molecular weight estimation, and normalization.

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Support

Optional package offers seamless integration of security, audit, and e-signature workflows with iBright Imaging Systems’ overall user-friendly imaging experience.