Compatible reagents

iBright Imaging Systems offer up to five imaging modes to support your applications. Efficiently and easily capture data from protein gels, nucleic acid gels, chemiluminescent western blots, fluorescent western blots, and more. Get the most from your investment by having the freedom to choose from multiple detection strategies to meet your experimental needs.

Fluorescent western blot imaging

With the five fluorescent channels of the iBright FL1500 Imaging System, one can image with many different fluorophore options. Up to 4-channel multiplexing is possible, utilizing fluorophores in both the visible (RGB) fluorescent range and the near-infrared (near-IR) range. The table below shows available fluorescence channels on iBright Imaging Systems and some examples of fluorophores that can be detected in each.

Fluorescence channels on the iBright FL1500 Imaging System

Fluorescence channels on the iBright FL1500 Imaging System

Chemiluminescent western blot imaging

Protein gel imaging

Nucleic acid gel imaging

Colony counting