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1:00 – Brief overview of iBright Imaging Systems and iBright Analysis Software

4:40 – Gallery tab overview (importing images, gallery organization, adding and removing images from tray)

7:23 – Adjust tab overview (editing functions: crop, straighten, rotate, flip, invert, false color, contrast, show saturation)

19:15 – Analyze tab overview (automatic analysis, analysis frames, adding and removing bands from analysis, resizing band frames, molecular weight analysis, data table, auto-enhance, lane profile)

36:32 – Annotate tab overview (labeling images)

44:25 -  Generating and exporting an analysis report

47:42 – Image export 

51:30 – Renaming image files

52:15 – Question & answer session

1:10 – Overview of iBright Imaging Systems and considerations for achieving quantitative western blots

19:45 – Brief overview of Gallery tab functionality and image selection for analysis

21:45 – Brief overview of Adjust tab functionality

23:00 – Analyze tab (auto-analysis, lane and band adjustments)

26:30 – Normalization analysis with housekeeping proteins (HKPs)

31:30 – Background correction (local background correction, lane profile, and rolling ball background correction)

37:50 – Relative quantitation

39:30 – Total lane protein (TPN) normalization with No-Stain Protein Labeling Reagent

43:40 – Total lane protein (TPN) normalization “across the file” with membrane stain 

50:10 – Generating an image report

53:00 – Question & answer session

Scientist: Guillaume Pidoux
Location: France
Abstract: My group focuses on the spatiotemporal regulation of cAMP signaling in cardiac physiological and pathophysiological conditions.


The heart ensures that peripheral organs are perfused with blood and nutrients. Any alterations of this function lead to heart injury and failure. A-kinase anchoring proteins (AKAPs) are a family of scaffolding proteins that anchors protein kinase-A (PKA), and thus plays a central role in the regulation of cardiac function under physiological and pathological conditions.


We focus on understanding the direct role of AKAPs in cardiac physiology and during the occurrence of cardiomyopathies. We utilize molecular biology tools to direct shRNA mediated knockdown and reconstitution assays combined with biochemical assays (i.e., immunoblot, co-immunoprecipitation, TR-FRET and Alpha-Screen). We further support our studies with state-of-the-art confocal imaging (i.e., live-cell FRAP & FLIP, proximity ligation assay and super-resolution imaging).


Furthermore, we aim to develop protein-protein interactor (PPI) disrupting peptides to counteract anchored-PKA dependent cellular processes that are modified during cardiac pathologies. These specific PPIs could serve as new potential specific cardiac therapeutic agents.


Favorite feature of the iBright system: Easy-to-use interface allowing the acquisition of excellent resolution pictures.


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