iBlot Recycling Program

iBlot, iBlot 2, and iBlot 3 transfer stacks provide fast, efficient transfer of proteins for western blot analysis using iBlot, iBlot 2, and iBlot 3 devices. These stacks contain a thin copper-coated grid that can be recycled. To recover valuable copper metal from the Transfer Stacks, we are partnering with reputable and certified recyclers in the United States and Europe to offer a way to recycle used copper electrodes.  This material can then re-enter the manufacturing stream, which helps reduce additional mining of natural resources.  By offering a recycling program, we support diversion of waste from landfill by recovering and reusing natural resources.

To recycle your iBlot, iBlot 2, and iBlot 3 stack copper electrodes please follow the instructions below:
We recommend sending a minimum of 20 copper electrodes per shipment.

  1. Remove the copper electrodes from the used transfer stack and allow them to dry. Place the electrodes into an envelope or other appropriate shipping container.
  2. Fill out the shipping label form to print a prepaid shipping label. Please note, one of the product numbers are needed to complete the label form.

Product numbers for reference

iBlot 3 Transfer StacksiBlot 2 Transfer StacksOriginal iBlot Transfer Stacks
IB33001: Nitrocellulose, midiIB23001: Nitrocellulose, regular sizeIB301001: Nitrocellulose, regular size
IB33002: Nitrocellulose, miniIB23002: Nitrocellulose, miniIB301002: Nitrocellulose, mini
IB34001: PVDF midiIB24001: PVDF, regular sizeIB401001: PVDF, regular size
IB34002: PVDF miniIB24002: PVDF, miniIB401002: PVDF, mini
  IB801001: DNA Transfer Stack

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.