BlotBuilder, Western Blot Product Selection Tool

Optimized western blot solutions for your protein

We offer a wide range of reagents, kits, gels, membranes, antibodies, and equipment to facilitate every step of western blot analysis. Use the BlotBuilder selection tool to choose the appropriate set of products for your western blotting needs.

With this tool, you can get:

  • Personalized recommended product list
  • Customized western blot protocol

Access BlotBuilder tool

Why use the BlotBuilder?

Fast: Get a personalized product list and protocol with just 5 questions about your protein.
Customized: Let our BlotBuilder customize your western blot experience by selecting the ideal set of products for your western blot detection needs.
Optimized protocol: There are a lot of products for western blotting- let our BlotBuilder help sort through all the options to find the best set for optimal detection of your protein.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.