Please see below for any applicable firmware upgrades.

iBlot® 2 Firmware Upgrade

Firmware version 1.3.0 is the latest software for the iBlot® 2 Gel Transfer Device.

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iBlot2 firmware upgrade instructions

iBlot® Firmware Upgrade

Visit the page referenced below to download the latest version of the iBlot® Gel Transfer Device firmware. This page also includes detailed information about the upgrade including program update information, system requirements, and step-by-step instructions for the upgrade.

E-Gel® iBase™ Firmware Upgrades

Version 1.3.8 is the latest version of the iBase firmware, and includes program #7 E-Gel EX, enabling you to run the new E-Gel EX 1% and 2% fast DNA separation cassettes.

Requires USB to USB Mini cable. Available for purchase from Invitrogen. Request catalog number G6300.

After downloading the firmware, click on start > all programs > Invitrogen > Updaters and select iBase™ Updater to access the program

BenchPro™ 4100 Firmware Upgrades

The new firmware (version 2.0) adds a manual PAUSE function during a run. This can be used to pause the instrument during a run so that individual steps in the protocol may be performed manually. For example, the pause function can be used to perform an off-line primary antibody incubation step that uses a reduced amount of antibody than is consumed in the automatic protocol. Note that it is not possible to remove and/or replace the card during a manual pause .

The new firmware also specifies that the liquid flow of an aborted run is directed to waste, rather than to all the outlets.

Requires USB flash drive for firmware installation.

Download the firmware to the USB flash drive. With the power off, insert the USB flash drive into the BenchPro™ 4100, and then turn the power on. The BenchPro™ 4100 will automatically recognize the firmware file. Follow the directions on the BenchPro™ 4100 screen.

E-Gel® Imager Software Updates

GelCapture™ Software

Version 1.4 is the latest version of the E-Gel® Imager acquisition software.

GelQuant Express™ Software

Version 1.14 is the latest version of E-Gel® Imager Analysis software. Requires E-Gel® Imager Quantitation Software USB Dongle.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.