The Protein Analysis Learning Center is here to assist you in your quest to understand the proteome, whether you want to review the basics, gain more in-depth knowledge, or discover how to use the latest research tools. Find resources for the different protein analysis techniques starting from protein expression to quantitative mass spectrometry including webinars, articles, protocols, and troubleshooting tips.

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Protein sample preparation

Learn about methods and technologies for efficient cell lysis, protein extraction and fractionation, and targeted inhibition of unwanted protease and phosphatase activity.

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Protein and antibody purification

Learn about the different methods and tools for protein purification from affinity purification, ion-exchange chromatography, resins, beads, and support to purify your protein of interest.

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Learn about methods and technologies for identifying and measuring proteins using immunoassays. Understand protein quantitation reagents, ELISA, and multiplexing immunoassay tools.

Mass spectrometry

Learn about methods and technologies for peptide and protein analysis by high performance liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry (LC/MS). Understand sample prep tools, mass and isotope labeling strategies for quantitative proteomics, and the basics of MS data and analysis.

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Protein modification and crosslinking

Learn about methods and technologies for protein labeling, modification, and crosslinking. Understand the chemical functional groups and reaction chemistries required to crosslink and conjugate proteins to one another; to label proteins with biotin, PEG, or fluorescent dyes; or to reduce, cleave, and fragment proteins for use in assays.

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Protein assays

Learn about methods and technologies for protein interaction and activity assays, enzyme reporter assays, and immunoprecipitation and pull-down tools.

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