This library of Protein Biology Selection Guides is a menu of links to various web pages that provide comparison information and selector tools to help you choose among specific products of various kinds.

The resources included in this current listing primarily feature guides to Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Products, which were previously available on the legacy Pierce website. In the coming months, you can expect these guides to be updated to increasingly reflect integration of Thermo Scientific and Life Technologies product lines. To browse all Protein Biology products and guides by application, visit the Protein Biology applications home.

Featured selection guides

ELISA Enzyme Substrates Selection Guide

While optimization is required to get the best results with any assay system, this guide provides the general information necessary for selecting an approriate substrate and choosing initial primary and secondary antibody dilutions.

Dialysis Products Selection Guide

Pierce™ dialysis products are designed to minimize preparation time and maximize sample recovery. Choose the right dialysis product for your application using this guide. 

Western Blot Workflow Selection Guide

We offer a wide range of reagents, kits, gels, membranes, antibodies, and equipment to facilitate every step of western blot analysis. Use this product selection guide to choose the appropriate product for your western blotting needs.

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Selection guide title Selection guide categories
ELISA enzyme substrates selection guide ELISA
Crosslinker interactive selection guide crosslink, conjugation
Crosslinkers at a glance - selection guide crosslink, conjugation
Biotinylation reagent interactive selection guide labeling, probe, antibody, affinity purification
Western blot chemiluminescent substrate selection guide Western blot, detection, ECL
Crosslinker application guide crosslink, conjugation
Protein MW markers comparison and selection guide electrophoresis, staining, SDS-PAGE
Dialysis products selection guide sample prep, dialysis, desalting, buffer exchange
DyLight Fluor technology and product guide labeling, fluorescent probe, antibody
Protein assay kit selection guide protein assays, bradford, bca, coomassie
Immunoprecipitation kit selection guide affinity purification, immunoprecipitation, IP
Desalting products selection guide sample prep, dialysis, desalting, buffer exchange
Overview of Human in vitro Translation Systems protein expression, in vitro expresssion, IVT
Secondary antibody selection guide Western blot, ELISA, IHC, detection, probes
Luciferase Reporter Selection Guide protein expression, bioluminescence, protein assays
Mass spec sample prep workflow selection guide mass spectrometry, MS, peptide
Gel stains comparison and selection guide electrophoresis, staining, SDS-PAGE
Western blot workflow selection guide Western blot, transfer, substrates, ECL, detection
ELISA kit literature references ELISA, protein assays, cytokine
Custom peptide modifications selection guide peptide synthesis
Overview of active GTPase pull-down and detection kits protein assays, labeling, affinity purification, GTPase
Luciferase detection instrumentation protein expression, bioluminescence, protein assays
Automated magnetic separations for proteomics affinity purification, immunoprecipitation, IP
Fast Western blotting selection guide Western blot
Guide to Slide-A-Lyzer G2 Dialysis Cassettes sample prep, dialysis, desalting, buffer exchange
Overview and menu of in-cell ELISA kits protein assays, ELISA
Staudinger reagent selection guide crosslink, conjugation, azide, phosphine
Overview of active site probes and enrichment kits protein assays, labeling, affinity purification, kinase, hydrolase, GTPase
Gene-specific Antibody Selection Guide primary antibodies