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Learn about methods and technologies for cell-based or cell-free protein production, including algal, bacterial, mammalian, insect, and yeast expression systems; and vector systems that are easy to use and deliver high protein yields for every downstream application.

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Protein expression features


This 118-page handbook provides comprehensive information about protein expression and will help you choose the right expression system and purification technologies for your specific application and needs.


Watch leading-edge presentations from the world’s largest online venue for protein expression. Learn from experts from around the globe who share case studies and best practices in the exciting areas of biologics development and structural biology.

Support center

One resource for all your protein expression support needs. Obtain relevant technical information, view tips and tricks when starting an experiment, and find answers to everyday problems related to protein expression. 

Protein expression learning resources

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Handbook Protein Research Handbook (2016)
Handbook Protein Expression Handbook (2015)
Methods article The Pierce Protein Methods Library
Methods article GST-tagged Proteins–Production and Purification
Methods article His-tagged Proteins–Production and Purification
Methods article Luciferase Reporters
Methods article An Overview of Post-Translational Modification
Methods article Phosphorylation
Methods article Glycosylation
Methods article An Overview of Protein Expression Systems
Methods article Cell-Free Protein Expression
Selection guide Protein Expression
Selection guide Luciferase Detection Instrumentation
Selection guide Luciferase Reporter Selection Guide
Selection guide Overview of Human in vitro Translation Systems
Selection guide Protein Expression Essentials
Selection guide Protein Expression Host Systems
Application note Product Application Notes
Application note Glycoprotein expression in a human IVT system. Expression of partially N-linked glycoproteins using the 1-Step Human Coupled in vitro Translation System.
Application note Expression of highly active proteins using a cell-free human IVT system. Active caspase-3 produced by cell-free protein expression with the 1-Step Human High-Yield In Vitro Translation Kit is more functional than recombinant caspase-3 expressed in bacteria.
Application note System for high-throughput, high-yield in vitro translation. HTP protein expression using 1-Step Human High-Yield IVT Kits and Pierce 96-well Microdialysis Plates.
Application note Choosing a vector and purification method for in vitro protein expression. Strategies for optimizing expression and purification of functional proteins produced using the Thermo Scientific 1-Step High Yield IVT protein expression system.
Application note Protocol for in vitro protein expression using mRNA templates. Use the 1-Step Human Coupled DNA IVT kit to efficiently translate mRNA templates.
Application note Simultaneous dual-emission detection of luciferase reporter assays. Performing dual-spectral luciferase assays using the BMG Labtech POLARstar Omega plate reader.
Application note Cell-free protein expression system for generating stable isotope-labeled proteins. Rapidly express protein standards for quantitative mass spectrometry.
Application note Highly sensitive multiplex luciferase reporter assays. Monitor changes in NFkB and CRE promoter activity using bioluminescent reporter assays.
Support center Protein Expression Support Center
Support center Adenoviral Gene Delivery for Mammalian Expression Support
Support center Algae Expression Support
Support center Bacterial Expression Support
Support center Basic Mammalian Expression Support
Support center Cell-Free Expression Support
Support center Insect Expression Support
Support center Lentiviral Gene Delivery for Mammalian Expression Support
Support center Mammalian Expression for High-Yield Protein Production Support
Support center Mammalian Expression for Membrane Protein Production Support
Support center Protein Expression Basics Support
Support center Reporter & Specialty Vectors for Mammalian Expression Support
Support center Yeast Expression Support
Protocol Protein Expression Protocols
Webcasts ExpressionWorld Webcasts