Protein Mass Spectrometry Information

Learn about methods and technologies for peptide and protein analysis by high performance liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry (LC/MS). Understand sample prep tools, mass and isotope labeling strategies for quantitative proteomics, and the basics of MS data and analysis.

  • Proteomics
  • Cell lysis
  • Protein enrichment
  • Trypsin digestion
  • Peptide clean-up
  • C18
  • Sample prep 
  • Isobaric mass tagging
  • Stable isotope labeling
  • Metabolic labeling
  • Tandem mass spec
  • MS/MS
  • LC/MS
  • Orbitrap
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Protein mass spectrometry features

Methods article

A review of the history, applications and methodology of mass spectrometry, including ionization (ESA, MALDI), mass analyzers (TOF, quadrupole, ion trap), ion detectors, MS/MS, LC-MS/MS and sample prep.

Selection guide

Because the proteome is so complex, there is no one standard method for preparing protein samples for MS analysis. Protocols differ depending on the type of sample, experiment and method of analysis.

Protein mass spectrometry learning resources

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HandbookProtein Research Handbook (2016)
Methods articleThe Pierce Protein Methods Library
Methods articleAn Overview of Mass Spectrometry (for Protein Analysis)
Methods articleQuantitative Proteomics
Methods articleSample Preparation for Mass Spectrometry
Methods articleAn Overview of Post-Translational Modification
Methods articlePhosphorylation
Methods articleGlycosylation
Methods articlePeptide Design
Methods articlePeptide Synthesis
Methods articleAmino Acid Physical Properties
Selection guideWorkflow for Protein Mass Spectrometry (Selection Guide)
Selection guideSample Prep for Mass Spectrometry (Selection Guide)
Selection guideProtein Quantitation Using Mass Spectrometry (Selection Guide)
Application noteProduct Application Notes
Application noteSpecific labeling, enrichment and quantitation of S-nitrosylated peptides using iodoTMT reagents. Measure protein and peptide cysteine modifications using multiplex quantitative mass spectrometry.
Application noteA versatile mass spectrometry sample preparation procedure for complex protein samples. Prepare high-quality peptide digests with high recovery from cultured cells.
Application noteQuantitative cancer stem cell phosphoprotein profiling. Using tandem mass labeling and LC-MS/MS to profile perturbations of an autocrine loop.
Application noteCell-free protein expression system for generating stable isotope-labeled proteins. Rapidly express protein standards for quantitative mass spectrometry.
Application noteCalibration solutions for Thermo Scientific Mass Spectrometers. Ready-to-use standards enable quick instrument calibration.
Application noteDevelop mid- to high-throughput SRM and MRM assays. New application-specific peptide libraries for quantitative mass spectrometry workflows.
Application noteOptimize liquid chromatography with a peptide retention time calibration mixture. New mixture of 15 heavy peptides streamlines assay design for targeted peptide quantification.
Application noteSelective enrichment of sialylated glycopeptides using TiO2 beads. Affinity purification of glycoproteins for mass spectrometry based on titanium dioxide beads (TiO2).

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