Western Blotting Information

Learn about methods and technologies for western blot detection and imaging. Understand the reagents and instruments used for the efficient membrane transfer and detection of proteins, including wash and blocking buffers, secondary antibody conjugates, and chemiluminescent, colorimetric or fluorescent detection substrates.

  • Tank vs. semi-dry transfer
  • Blotting membranes
  • Nitrocellulose vs. PVDF
  • Blocking buffers
  • Washing buffers 
  • Detection probes
  • Antibodies
  • Enzymes & substrates
  • Chemiluminescent vs. fluorescent detection
  • Imaging
  • Technical handbooks
  • Protein methods articles
  • Product application notes
  • Support center resources
  • Protocols
  • Product selection guides

Western blotting features


From separation to transfer and detection, this interactive guide helps you learn about each step so that you can select the right products for your western blotting application. Learning tools, including videos and handbooks can be accessed from this informative guide.


This 84-page handbook provides a deep dive about the last step in the western blot workflow—protein detection. With a variety of detection techniques to choose from (chemiluminescence, fluorescence or chromogenic), you can select a technology to match your experimental requirements and the instruments you have available.

Methods article

Videos that demonstrate each step in the western blot workflow, including SDS-PAGE, transfer, blocking, probing with antibodies, chemiluminescent detection, and stripping the blot.

Western blotting learning resources

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Type Title
Handbook Protein Research Handbook (2016)
Handbook Protein Detection Technical Handbook (2016)
Handbook Protein Transfer Technical Handbook (2015)
Methods article The Pierce Protein Methods Library
Methods article Western Blot Transfer Methods
Methods article An Overview of Western Blotting
Methods article Western Blot Video Tutorials
Methods article Blocking Buffers for Western Blot and ELISA
Methods article Chemiluminescent Western Blotting
Methods article Stripping and Reprobing Western Blots
Methods article Fluorescent Western Blotting
Methods article Chromogenic Western Blotting Substrates
Methods article An Overview of Detection Probes
Methods article Secondary Antibodies as Probes
Methods article Enzyme Probes
Methods article Avidin-Biotin Interaction
Methods article Fluorescent Probes
Selection guide Western Blot Workflow Selection Guide
Selection guide Transfer Devices for Western Blot (Selection Guide)
Selection guide Western Blot Chemiluminescent Substrate Selection Guide
Application note Product Application Notes
Application note Guide to gels and transfer methods for high molecular weight proteins, featuring the Pierce Power Blotter.
Application note Transfer EMSA gels using the Pierce G2 Fast Blotter. The Pierce G2 Fast Blotter provides rapid semi-dry transfer of DNA (TBE) gels to nylon membrane.
Application note Improved Western blot detection using CCD digital imaging. Comparison of cooled-CCD digital imaging versus X-ray film for sensitivity, dynamic range and signal linearity with enhanced chemiluminescence (ECL).
Application note Introducing a Western blot substrate that is chemiluminescent and chemifluorescent. Detect your target by film, CCD cameras or laser-based imagers.
Application note Western blotting using enhanced chemiluminescence. Choose the perfect substrate for your needs.
Support center Protein Electrophoresis and Western Blotting Support Center