We have several optimized cell-free expression systems for the rapid synthesis of recombinant proteins utilizing rabbit reticulocyte, or HeLa-based lysate systems. These mammalian systems can produce full-length and functionally active proteins, with the HeLa systems typically expressing higher protein yields than rabbit reticulocyte system.

  • More choices—a variety of mammalian expression systems to accommodate different vectors, tags, yield requirements, functionality needs and cost considerations
  • Fast—proteins can be expressed in as little as 90 minutes
  • Easy-to-use—kits include all reagents and accessories needed for protein expression experiments
  • High performance—kits are designed to maximize protein yield and/or function compared to similar products from other vendors

Choose the right mammalian protein expression system for your experiment

 Retic Lysate IVT Kit1-Step Human Coupled IVT Kit1-Step Human High Yield IVT Kit
SourceRabbit reticulocyteHeLa lysateHeLa lysate
Protein modificationsLimited glycosylationGlycosylation and phosphorylationGlycosylation and phosphorylation
Reaction time90 min90 min to 6 hr6–24 hr
CommentsFlexible systemFirst human-based systemHigher protein yield per reaction
Catalog #60 rxn: AM1200,
60 rxn w/manual AM1200M
DNA: 88881, 88882Mini: 88890, 88891
Maxi: 88892

T7 cell-free expression vectors

Thermo Scientific T7 Cell-Free Expression Vectors (pT7CFE1) are cloning plasmids optimized for use with the Thermo Scientific 1-Step Human In Vitro Protein Expression System. They are used for the in vitro translation (IVT) of genes, into functional proteins when used in combination with the 1-Step Human IVT system. The pT7CFE1 Vector is available with single or tandem affinity tags at the N- or C- terminus to facilitate protein purification and detection.

Ordering information for T7 cell-free expression vectors

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.