We have several optimized cell-free expression systems for the rapid synthesis of recombinant proteins utilizing rabbit reticulocyte, or HeLa-based lysate systems. These mammalian systems can produce full-length and functionally active proteins, with the HeLa systems typically expressing higher protein yields than rabbit reticulocyte system.

  • More choices—a variety of mammalian expression systems to accommodate different vectors, tags, yield requirements, functionality needs and cost considerations
  • Fast—proteins can be expressed in as little as 90 minutes
  • Easy-to-use—kits include all reagents and accessories needed for protein expression experiments
  • High performance—kits are designed to maximize protein yield and/or function compared to similar products from other vendors

Featured mammalian cell-free protein expression products

Choose the right mammalian protein expression system for your experiment

  Retic Lysate IVT Kit 1-Step Human Coupled IVT Kit 1-Step Human High Yield IVT Kit
Source Rabbit reticulocyte HeLa lysate HeLa lysate
Yield Low Medium High
Protein modifications Limited glycosylation Glycosylation and phosphorylation Glycosylation and phosphorylation
Reaction time 90 min 90 min to 6 hr 6–24 hr
Comments Flexible system First human-based system Higher protein yield per reaction
Catalog # 60 rxn: AM1200,
60 rxn w/manual AM1200M
DNA: 88881, 88882 Mini: 88890, 88891
Maxi: 88892

T7 cell-free expression vectors

Thermo Scientific T7 Cell-Free Expression Vectors (pT7CFE1) are cloning plasmids optimized for use with the Thermo Scientific 1-Step Human In Vitro Protein Expression System. They are used for the in vitro translation (IVT) of genes, into functional proteins when used in combination with the 1-Step Human IVT system. The pT7CFE1 Vector is available with single or tandem affinity tags at the N- or C- terminus to facilitate protein purification and detection.

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