Mammalian transient expression systems enable flexible and rapid production of proteins. They're ideal for expression of human or other mammalian proteins because these systems generate recombinant proteins with more native folding and post-translational modifications—such as glycosylation—than expression systems based on hosts such as E. coli, yeast, or insect cells.

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FreeStyle 293 System

Traditional transient 293 expression system


Highest-yield and most flexible 293-based system


Highest-yield and most cost-effective CHO-based system

Protein yield*20–200 mg/LUp to 1 g/LUp to 3 g/L
CellsFreeStyle 293-FExpi293-FExpiCHO-S
MediaFreeStyle 293 MediumExpi293 MediumExpiCHO Medium
Transfection reagent293FectinExpiFectamine 293 Transfection KitExpiFectamine CHO Transfection Kit
Positive control vectorpCMV•Sport-βgalAntibody-expressing vectorAntibody-expressing vector
Maximum working culture Density2 x 106/mL6 x 106/mL10 x 106/mL
Cell density for transfection1 x 106/mL2.5 x 106/mL6 x 106/mL
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*Typical yield of human IgGs

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.