Whether you’re using a hard-to-transfect mammalian cell line, an animal model, or simply want efficient gene delivery, our ViraPower™ product portfolio is the ideal choice for either transient or stable expression. We offer two ViraPower™ systems—one for lentiviral expression and one for adenoviral expression. Both systems are are highly-efficient and offer reproducible delivery methods for RNAi or expression constructs. Both viral systems create replication-incompetent viral particles to help enable safe, effective delivery and expression of your gene or short hairpin RNA sequence in any mammalian cell type.  

Lentiviral expression systems for functional analysis

ViraPower™ Lentiviral Expression Systems stably integrate your gene of interest into your target cell's genome, making these systems ideal for functional studies. Our ViraPower™ HiPerform™ Expression Kits are all-inclusive kits that contain vectors with specialized elements that enable:

  • High titer
  • 4-fold higher expression


Adenoviral expression systems for protein production

ViraPower™ Adenoviral Expression Systems deliver your gene of interest in trans for high level protein production. The ViraPower™ Adenoviral Gateway® Expression System  quickly and easily provides high-level transient gene expression in any mammalian cell type.

  • Saves time and reduces hands-on cloning effort
  • Recover your clone with > 95% efficiency
  • Transiently express your gene in dividing and non-dividing cells from the CMV or your own promoter

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.