Protein Gel Electrophoresis Welcome pack

Protein gel electrophoresis is a simple way to separate proteins prior to downstream detection or analysis. Our portfolio of high-quality protein electrophoresis products unites gels, gel tanks, protein gel handcast system, stains, molecular weight markers and standards, running buffers, and blotting products for your protein analysis experiments. Find a protein electrophoresis workflow that matches your separation task using the products below. 

Popular protein gel electrophoresis products

Featured protein gel electrophoresis categories

Precast or handcast gels for SDS-PAGE or Native-PAGE electrophoresis, Bis-tris, Tris-glycine, Tris-acetate and Tricine precast gels

Sample buffers, running buffers, reducing agents, polyacrylamide, gel drying solutions

Western blot reagents and instruments, chemiluminescent, colormetric, and fluorescent detection substrates, blocking buffers, and secondary antibody conjugates

All-in-one western blot imaging and gel documentation instruments

Prestained, unstained, and western blot standards, specialty ladders, IEF and native protein markers

Gel and membrane stains, gel staining accessories and kits, secondary detection reagents

Electrophoresis chambers, power supplies, cassettes, combs, fractionators, gel drying accessories, cell lysis and extraction reagents

Electrophoresis power supplies to support applications from mini-gel electrophoresis and western transfer to more demanding applications

We can supply a variety of Thermo Scientific Pierce products, compounds, devices and resins for your large-scale and custom applications.

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