We offer a range of powerful, easy-to-use electrophoresis power supplies. From mini-gel electrophoresis and western transfer to more demanding applications that require programmable voltage and current and multiple simultaneous separations, we’ve got a power supply designed to match your electrophoresis tasks.

Find the appropriate electrophoresis power supply

Simple, affordable power supply specifically for mini-gel electrophoresis Programmable power supply designed for high-throughput gel electrophoresis Programmable power supply capable of running high-voltage/low-current and high-current/low-voltage applications concurrently
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PowerEase 90W photo
PowerEase® 90W
PowerEase 300W photo
PowerEase® 300W
Zoom Dual Power Supply photo
Zoom® Dual Power Supply
Applications Running and transferring of 1–2 Bis-Tris mini gels Running and transferring of 1–8 Bis-Tris mini or 1–16 midi gels Running of IEF gels, NativePAGE™, and Zoom® IPG; running and transferring of 1–4 Bis-Tris mini or midi gels
Output voltage range 2–300 V 5–250 V 1–3,500 V/1–250 V
Output current range 4–500 mA 10 mA–3A 0.01–10 mA/1–800 mA
Watts 90 W 300 W 35 W/200 W
Display Backlit LCD Backlit LCD LCD
Programmable No 20 methods with up to 10 steps each 15 methods with up to 6 steps each