Two specific in-gel detection and staining reagents—InVision™ His-tag In-gel Stain and Lumio™ Green Detection Kit enable detection of tagged-fusion proteins directly in a polyacrylamide gel and allow rapid screening or confirmation of protein expression.

In-gel reagents for visualizing tagged-fusion proteins

  InVision™ His-tag In-gel Stain Lumio™ Green Detection Kit
Target recognition sequence Oligohistidine sequence Oligohistidine sequence
Detection procedure Post-electrophoresis staining Pre-electrophoresis labeling
Length of detection procedure Under 3 hours Immediate–part of regular gel electrophoresis sample prepara­tion
Detection sensitivity Nanogram levels Nanogram levels
Kits (Catalog #) LC6033 (includes BenchMark™ his-tagged standard LC6090
Stain only (Catalog #) LC6030 Not available
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