We offer high-quality, reliable gel casting buffers and reagents for pouring your own polyacrylamide gels, including urea, acrylamide, TEMED, and Rhinohide™ gel strengthener.

Not sure you want to pour your own gels? No problem. Learn more about our extensive line of Precast Protein Gels that can help you get your experiments done faster and more efficiently.

Novex gel combs & cassettes

Novex gel cassettes
Novex™ gel cassettes
Leak-free disposable plastic cassettes give you the option of pouring your own gels, while still enjoying the advantage of the XCell SureLock™ Mini- or  Midi-Cell. Novex empty cassettes are presealed with the slot pretaped; a bulky casting stand is not necessary.
Novex gel combs   Novex™ gel combs
Combs for pour-your-own special gels types are available in two thicknesses (1.0 mm and 1.5 mm), and can be used with seven comb types (1 well, 2 well, 5 well, 10 well, 12 well, 15 well, and 2D well).
Novex gel loading tips
  Novex™ gel loading tips
Gel loading tips are offered for easy and accurate loading of samples. They are RNase/DNase-free and non-autoclavable. Three varieties are offered: standard round tips, flat gel tips, and Eppendorf™ round gel tips.

Protein gel electrophoresis chamber systems

We offer a range of gel electrophoresis chamber systems to accommodate your experiment and throughput requirements.

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