The E-PAGE™ High-Throughput (HTP) Precast Gel System is designed for  fast, bufferless medium- and high-throughput protein analysis. It consists of the E-PAGE™ precast gels, E-Base™ integrated devices, E-Holder™ platform, and free E-Editor™ 2.0 software.

Advantages of using the E-PAGE™ High-Throughput Precast Gel System include:

  • Ease-of-use—Quick setup and fast separations (23 minutes) for 1D protein analysis
  • Fast loading—Compatible with multichannel pipettors and robotic loading
  • Efficient western blotting and staining—Optimized protocols and reagents

E-PAGE™ High-Throughput (HTP) Precast Gel System products

E-PAGE™ precast protein gels

The self-contained E-PAGE™ 48 or 96 precast gels consist of a buffered gel matrix and electrodes packaged inside a disposable, UV-transparent cassette. The gels can be loaded by multichannel pipettor or automated loading system.

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E-Base™ Electrophoresis Device

Electrophoresis of the samples is performed with the E-Base™ Electrophoresis Device which consists of a base for electrophoresis, and an integral power supply.

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E-Editor™ 2.02 Gel Imaging Software

The E-Editor™ 2.02 software (available at no charge with purchase of any E-PAGE™ component) allows digital images of the E-PAGE™ gels to be reconfigured into a side-by-side format for easy comparison and analysis.

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E-PAGE™ High-Throughput Precast Gel System applications

The E-PAGE™ Protein Electrophoresis System is ideal for screening protein samples using the following applications:

  • In-gel staining with Lumio™ Green Reagent (Figure 1)
  • Total protein staining (Coomassie®, silver, or fluorescent stains) (Figure 2)
  • Western blotting (Figure 3)
E-PAGE Gel and Lumio Green Detection


Figure 1. In-gel staining with  Lumio™ Green Reagent. Expressway™ HTP Mix was used to express various human kinase ORFs with the pEXP3-DEST Expressway™ vector. Reactions were electrophoresed on an E-PAGE™ 96 6% gel and analyzed using the Lumio™ Green Detection Kit.

E-PAGE Gels and Total Protein Staining


Figure 2. Total protein staining using Commassie® R-250. Lanes M: 5 µl SeeBlue® Plus2 Pre-stained Std.; Lanes 2, 4, 21, 23: 10 µL MagicMark™ XP Std.; Lanes 6 & 19: 2 µL BenchMark™ His-tagged Std.; Lane 8: lysozyme 200 ng; Lane 10: carbonic anhydrase 200 ng; Lane 12: BSA 100 ng; Lanes 15 & 17: 5 µL of E. coli lysate. Other lanes: blank. The gel stained with Commassie® R-250 following the recommended protocol in the E-PAGE™ 48 manual.

Figure 3. Western blotting with the E-PAGE™ Protein Electrophoresis System. 5 µL MagicMark™ XP Western Standard was loaded into each well of an E-PAGE™ 48 8% Gel and transferred to a pre-cut 0.2 µm nitrocellulose membrane (Cat. No. LC2009). The blot was probed with 1:1000 Anti-Xpress™ Antibody and detected using the WesternBreeze® Immunodetection Kit (anti-mouse) [Chemiluminescent (A) and Chromogenic (B) detection].