The E-PAGE™ Protein Electrophoresis System is designed for fast, medium- to high-throughput protein electrophoresis in a horizontal format. E-PAGE™ precast protein gels are self-contained, pre-cast gels that include a gel matrix and electrodes packaged inside a disposable, UV-transparent cassette. E-PAGE™ gels are designed for use with the E-Base™ Electrophoresis Device, and are available in 48-well or 96-well formats (Figure 1).

  • E-PAGE™ 48 8% gels—Each gel contains 48 sample lanes and 4 marker lanes with a 3.2-cm separation length and can be loaded with a 12 or 8-channel pipettor (Figure 2) or 4- or 8-tip robotic systems.
  • E-PAGE™ 96 6% gels—Each gel contains 96 sample lanes and 8 marker lanes in a patented staggered-well format with a 1.6-cm run length (Figure 3); well openings are compatible with the standard 96-well plate format and can be conveniently loaded with a multichannel pipettor or 8-, 12-, or 96-tip liquid-handling robotic devices.

Both E-PAGE™ 48 and 96 cassettes are conveniently opened with a butterfly opener to remove the gel for downstream staining or blotting. In addition, each cassette is labeled with an unique barcode to facilitate identification of the gel using commercial barcode readers.

Novex® E-PAGE™ Protein Gels are available in 48-well or 96-well format

Figure 1. Novex® E-PAGE™ protein gels are available in (A) 48-well or (B) 96-well format.

Figure 2. Loading E-PAGE™ gels using a multichannel pipettor or liquid-handling robot.

Figure 3. The staggered-well format of an E-PAGE™ 96 precast gel loaded with 10 µL E-PAGE™ SeeBlue® Pre-Stained Standard.

E-PAGE™ gels specifications

E-PAGE™ 48
8% gels
E-PAGE™ 96
6% gels
Cassette size 13.5 (l) x 10.8 (h) x 0.67 cm (w) 13.5 (l) x 10.8 (h) x 0.67 cm (w)
Gel thickness 3.7 mm 3.7 mm
Gel volume 50 ml 50 ml
Well depth 3 mm 3 mm
Number of wells 48 + 4 markers 96 + 8 markers
Well format 2 x 26 Staggered 8 x 13
Well opening 3.6 mm x 2.2 mm 3.8 mm x 1.8 mm
Running distance 32 mm 16 mm
Run time 23 min 14 min
Space between well centers 4.5 mm 9 mm
Sample volume 15 µl 20 µl
Max protein load 20 µg 20 µg
  • may require an orientation adaptor

E-PAGE™ gel migration patterns

E-PAGE™ Gel Migration patterns