Novex® IEF and native protein standards are specialty standards for applications that demand flexibility for native electrophoresis conditions and resolution at either high or low pH.

Each standard has its own advantages. Please use the table and information below to help select the appropriate protein standard for your application.

  For IEF applications, ideal pI determination of unknown protein samples For molecular weight estimation of proteins using native gel electrophoresis
IEF Marker 3-10 NativeMark™ Unstained Protein Standard
No. of bands 9 bands 8 bands
No. of colors Unstained Unstained
MW range (kDa) 3.5–10.3 pl 20–1,200 kDa
Gel compatibility All IEF gels  NativePAGE, Bis-Tris, Tris-Glycine, Tris-Acetate
Shelf life 1 year at –20°C 1 year at –20°C
Catalog # 39212-01 LC0725
Product size 500 µL 500 µL
No. of rxns 100 50
  IEF Marker 3-10 NativeMark™ Unstainted Protein Standard
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IEF & native marker selection guide

Application IEF Marker 3-10 NativeMark™ Unstained
Western blot NA Good
Detection with UV transillumination NA Good
Confirmation of epitope-tagged proteins NA NA
Immediate band identification NA NA
Sharp bands Good Good
MW estimation NA Best for native proteins
Monitor migration during electrophoresis NA NA
Silver staining Good Good
MW/pI range pI 3.5–10.7 20–1230 kDa
IEF gel Best NA
Cat. No. 39212-01 LC0725