Prestained Protein Standards

Our prestained protein ladders and standards allow for easy identification and monitoring of your proteins during electrophoresis. These prestained ladders are available in low, broad, and high molecular weight ranges, and provide sharp bands for ease of visualization. Additionally, our multi-color ladders provide unambiguous reference points for identifying bands corresponding to their molecular weights, even if some bands are run off the bottom of the gel.

Each protein ladder or standard has its own advantages. The table and information below offers help in selecting the appropriate protein ladder for your application. The Invitrogen iBright Prestained Protein Ladder, which also enables chemiluminescent and fluorescent detection is featured below the table.

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  PageRuler Prestained Protein Ladder PageRuler Plus Prestained Protein Ladder Spectra Multicolor Broad Range Protein Ladder Spectra Multicolor High Range Protein Ladder HiMark Pre-Stained Protein Standard
Range Low MW range Broad MW range Multi-color broad MW range  Multi-color high MW range  High MW range
No. of bands 10 bands 9 bands 10 bands 8 bands 9 bands
No. of colors 3 colors 3 colors 4 colors 4 colors 2 colors
MW range (kDa) 10–180 kDa 10–250 kDa 10–260 kDa 40–300 kDa 30–460 kDa
Gel compatibility All gels All gels All gels All gels Bis-Tris,
Shelf life 1 year at –20°C 1 year at –20°C 1 year at –20°C 1 year at –20°C 8 months at
Catalog # 26616,
26625 LC5699
Product size 2 x 250 µL,
10 x 250 µL
2 x 250 µL,
10 x 250 µL
2 x 250 µL,
10 x 250 µL
2 x 250 µL 250 µL
No. of reactions 100, 500 100, 500 50, 250 50 25
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iBright Prestained Protein Ladder

Directly visualize protein bands during electrophoresis and transfer and detect bands via chemiluminescence or fluorescence for easy confirmation of western blot detection using the Invitrogen iBright Prestained Protein Ladder.  This ladder contains a total of twelve recombinant proteins spanning a broad molecular weight range (11 to 250 kDa). Ten of these proteins are blue-stained and fluorophore-labeled and enable direct and near-IR fluorescent visualization. Two of the proteins (30 kDa and 80 kDa) are unstained and enable chemiluminescent and fluorescent detection via their IgG binding sites, which capture primary and secondary antibodies used for of the target protein. The iBright Prestained Protein Ladder is compatible with chemiluminescent, chromogenic, and fluorescent detection.


  • Direct visualization of molecular weight standard bands on western blots with commonly used immunodetection methods
  • Ten blue prestained sharply resolved bands (11–250 kDa) with a reference band of greater intensity at 55 kDa
  • Convenient, ready-to-use format, supplied in a loading buffer for direct loading on gels
iBright Prestained Protein Ladder

iBright Prestained Protein Ladder. Lanes display visible gel, chemiluminescent western blot, and fluorescent western blot results, respectively.