The MagicMark™ XP Western Protein Standard is specifically designed for easy and convenient protein molecular weight estimation directly on western blots. The standard consists of 9 recombinant proteins, each of which contains an IgG binding site. The IgG binding site binds the primary or secondary antibody used for detection of the target protein, allowing direct visualization of the standard on the western blot

The MagicMark™ XP standard is compatible with chemiluminescent, chromogenic, and fluorescent western kits and substrates and offers:

  • Direct visualization of molecular weight standard bands on western blots with the commonly used immunodetection methods
  • Nine sharp clear bands in even increments from 20–220 kDa
  • Convenient, ready-to-use format—no mixing, reducing, or heating

The bands can also be visualized with Coomassie™ or membrane stains, if needed.

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No. of bands 9 bands
No. of colors 1 color
MW range (kDa) 20–220 kDa
Gel compatibility Bis-Tris, Tris-Glycine, Tris-Acetate, Tricine
Shelf life 8 months at –20°C
Catalog # LC5602, LC5603
Product size 250 µL, 50 µL
No. of rxns 50, 10
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Figure 1: MagicMarkXP protein standard migration pattern.