Find a wide range of products for biotinylation, crosslinking, and modification of proteins, peptides, and antibodies. These bioconjugation reagents are commonly used to study the structure and interaction of proteins, build immunoassays, increase protein solubility, or attach molecules to surfaces. Use our crosslinking or biotinylation selection tools to find the optimal reagent for your application, or access our bioconjugation technical handbook to help improve your bioconjugation results.

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Reagents containing reactive ends to specific functional groups on proteins and antibodies, enabling the covalent joining or two or more biomolecules for the study of protein function and interaction.

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Reagents and kits to chemically tag and label antibodies, proteins, and peptides with biotin or desthiobiotin at amino acid functional groups to create labeled antibody or other probes for streptavidin affinity binding, purification, and detection.

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Fluorescent protein labeling kits Convenient labeling kits and reactive dyes for the direct attachment of Invitrogen Alexa Fluor and other dyes for 10 μg to 1 mg of proteins or antibodies.

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Convenient stand-alone reactive dyes for the direct attachment to proteins or antibodies.

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Reagents to modify proteins by attaching functional groups or crosslinking, denaturing, or reducing disulfide bonds to study protein function and interactions.

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Make dialysis easy with the Slide-A-Lyzer G3 Dialysis Cassettes.

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Multicolor assortment of dialysis cassettes

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