From no way to no weigh

The convenient, single-use No-Weigh packaging addresses the challenges of weighing out small amounts of bioconjugation reagents, including crosslinkers.

No-Weigh Packaging

Thermo Scientific No-Weigh packaging formats for protein-reducing agents, modification reagents, labeling reagents, and crosslinkers facilitate quickly and conveniently making working solutions from low-milligram quantities. These unique packaging formats eliminate the need to weigh out small amounts of dry or viscous chemicals. Reagents are supplied pre-weighed and stabilized in single-use amounts that are appropriate for common protocols. Once reconstituted, a reagent is ready to use at the desired concentration.


  • Helps save time—no need to weigh chemicals; just add solvent to create a working solution in seconds
  • Helps reduce waste—small working aliquots limit the amount of unused material discarded
  • Always fresh—desired working concentration for every use; no need to store stock solutions