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Biotinylation reagent name Catalog no. Spacer arm
Reacts with Cleavable Membrane permeable Water soluble
Sulfo-SBED 33033 14.3 Other Yes No Yes
Hydrazide-Biotin 21339 15.7 Carbohydrates No Yes No
Hydrazide-LC-Biotin 21340 24.7 Carbohydrates No Yes No
Hydrazide-PEG4-Biotin 21360 31.3 Carbohydrates No No Yes
Hydrazide-Biocytin 28020 19.7 Carbohydrate No No Yes
Pentylamine-Biotin 21345 18.9 Carboxyls No No Yes
Amine-PEG2-Biotin 21346 20.4 Carboxyls No No Yes
Amine-PEG3-Biotin 21347 22.9 Carboxyls No No Yes
Biocytin 28022 20.1 Other No No Yes
Psoralen-PEG3-Biotin 29986 36.9 Nonselective No No Yes
NHS-Biotin 20217 13.5 Primary amines No Yes No
Sulfo-NHS-Biotin 21217 13.5 Primary amines No No Yes
Sulfo-NHS-SS-Biotin 21331 24.3 Primary amines Yes No Yes
Sulfo-NHS-LC-Biotin 21335 22.4 Primary amines No No Yes
NHS-LC-Biotin 21336 22.4 Primary amines No Yes No
Sulfo-NHS-LC-LC-Biotin 21338 30.5 Primary amines No No Yes
NHS-LC-LC-Biotin 21343 30.5 Primary amines No Yes No
NHS-SS-Biotin 21441 24.3 Primary amines Yes Yes No
PFP-Biotin 21218 9.6 Other No Yes No
Iodoacetyl-LC-Biotin 21333 27.1 Sulfhydryls No Yes No
Iodoacetyl-PEG2-Biotin 21334 24.7 Sulfhydryls No No Yes
HPDP-Biotin 21341 29.2 Sulfhydryls Yes Yes No
BMCC-Biotin 21900 32.6 Sulfhydryls No Yes No
Maleimide-PEG2-Biotin 21901 29.1 Sulfhydryls No No Yes
TFPA-PEG3-Biotin 21303 33.4 Nonselective No Yes No
NHS-PEG12-Biotin 21312 56 Primary amines No No Yes
NHS-PEG4-Biotin 21362 29 Primary amines No No Yes
NHS-SS-PEG4-Biotin 21442 37.9 Primary amines Yes Yes No
Maleimide PEG11-Biotin 21911 59.1 Sulfhydryls No No Yes
TFP-PEG3-Biotin 21219 32.6 Primary amines No No Yes
Alkoxyamine-PEG12-Biotin 26139 55.4 Carbohydrates No No Yes
Alkoxyamine-PEG4-Biotin 26137 27 Carbohydrates No No Yes
Alkoxyamine-PEG4-SS-PEG4-Biotin 26138 56.6 Carbohydrates Yes No Yes
Amine-PEG11-Biotin 26136 53.2 Carboxyls No No Yes

What is our definition of water soluble?

With very few exceptions, all biotin reagents are soluble in miscible organic solvents such as DMSO, DMF or acetonitrile. Typical protocols involve first dissolving the reagent at 10X the working concentration and then adding it to an aqueous reaction mixture. Organic solvents are not compatible with certain applications, and directly aqueous-soluble reagents are preferable in these situations. We classify reagents as water-soluble if they can be dissolved directly in water or aqueous buffers at greater than 1 to 5X the concentration needed for typical procedures.

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