Protein Modification

We offer a wide range reagents to modify proteins by crosslinking, fragmenting, cleaving, denaturing, reducing disulfides, or attaching functional groups to study protein function and interactions. Access our helpful Bioconjugation Technical Handbook to help improve your protein modification results.

To address the need for rapid removal of unreacted small molecules from protein sample preparations, we have expanded our offering with the Pierce Dye and Biotin Removal Spin Columns and 96-Well Filter Plates.

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Featured protein modification reagents

Chemical agents to modify amino acid side chains on proteins and peptides in order to alter charges, block or expose reactive binding sites, inactivate functions, or change functional groups to create targets for crosslinking and labeling.

Highly purified and modified enzymes for optimal protein digestion and validated for use in MS.

Purified and agarose-immobilized proteases for the enzymatic proteolysis (cleavage or digestion) of proteins to facilitate amino acid sequencing, peptide analysis, and polypeptide structural characterization.

Purified powders, convenient solutions, and solid-phase resins for protein denaturation (Urea, Guanidine) or disulfide reducing agents, including DTT, BME and TCEP, for stabilizing free sulfhydryls (cysteines) and reducing disulfide bonds.

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Need larger quantities of our protein labeling, crosslinking or modification reagents? We offer bulk and custom fill sizes.

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