We offer a wide range of products for protein mass spectrometry. Our discovery quantitation reagents and kits enable higher multiplexing using SILAC NeuCode technology or TMT11plex isobaric labeling. Achieve relative or absolute quantitation for targeted applications by using SureQuant Targeted MS assays or Heavypeptide AQUA custom peptides. Our sample preparation products enable efficient abundant protein depletion, immunoprecipitation, protein digestion, phosphopeptide enrichment, and peptide clean-up. Our calibration solutions, standards and solvents are optimized for instrument calibration and QC. Use our interactive workflow guide or access our technical resources to find the the best product for your application.

Featured protein mass spectrometry categories

Mass Spec Protein Quantitation

Reagents and kits that enable multiplex discovery research, utilizing SILAC technology or isobaric labeling; targeted research is enabled by isotopically labeled peptide standards using HeavyPeptide technology

Mass Spec Sample Preparation

Reagents, kits and devices that enable robust and reproducible protein extraction, enrichment, clean-up, digestion, peptide enrichment and clean-up for mass spec analysis

Mass Spec Calibration Solutions, Standards & Solvents

Mass spec calibration solutions are ready-to-use liquid formulations that can quickly calibrate LC-MS instrumentation; validated standards are available for sensitivity assessment, determination of digestion efficiency, or as a control for complex sample analysis

Plasma Protein Binding Assays

Tools and devices, including the RED (Rapid Equilibrium Dialysis) systems, for conducting protein-binding studies; these devices have been validated in human plasma protein-binding assays with high-, medium- and low-protein binding compounds

Proteomics and Protein Mass Spectrometry

Our comprehensive portfolio of chromatographic separations tools and high-resolution accurate-mass (HRAM) Orbitrap mass spectrometers enable broader and deeper analysis into the proteome.

Proteomics Mass Spectrometry Analysis

Our leading Orbitrap-based MS systems, combined with advanced separations technology, provide the fast data acquisition and multiple fragmentation options required for complex proteomics experiments, maximizing productivity during single-run analysis.

Popular protein mass spectrometry products

We can supply a variety of Thermo Scientific Pierce products, compounds, devices and resins for your large-scale and custom applications.

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