The Thermo Scientific Pierce Standards are designed for a variety of applications, including sensitivity assessment, determination of digestion efficiency, chromatography assessment and/or as controls for sample analysis. Standards range from single component formulations to complex human-based digests. Each standard is provided with a Certificate of Analysis.
  • More choices—different standards to meet a variety of applications/needs
  • Stable—store for more than one year at the recommended temperature
  • Validated—all standards manufactured in an ISO 9001 facility measured and fully tested using Thermo Scientific Mass Spectrometers

Choose the right standard for your application

  Pierce Reserpine Standard for LC-MS Pierce Peptide Retention Time Calibration Mixture Pierce BSA Digest Standard Pierce 6-Protein Mixture Standard Pierce Intact Protein Standard Mix Pierce HeLa Protein Digest Standard
Reserpine molecule 15 heavy tryptic peptides (yeast) BSA tryptic peptides Lysozyme, BSA, Cytochrome C, Alcohol dehyrogenase, B-galactosidase, Apotransferrin (multi-species) IGF-I LR3, Thioredoxin, Protein G, Carbonic Anhydrase II, Protein AG (chimeric), Exo Klenow HeLa lysate peptides
Format Liquid Frozen liquid Lyophilized Lyophilized Lyophilized Lyophilized
Primary application Sensitivity assessment Chromatography assessment Protein sample control Chromatography assessment Top down method development Complex sample control
Complexity of standard +


++ +++ +++ ++++
Recommended storage 4°C -80°C -20°C -20°C -20°C -20°C
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Looking for a standard to measure digestion efficiency?

Thermo Scientific Pierce Digestion Indicator is a single, non-mammalian recombinant protein (26kDa) with five signature peptides for use in determining the digestion efficiency and reproducibility across multiple samples. The protein sequence and recommended peptides to monitor across samples are supplied with the product instructions.

Featured data

Example selected reaction monitoring (SRM) of 500fg reserpine on a Thermo Scientific™ Vantage™ triple quadrupole mass spectrometer. Chromatogram of three 5 μL loop injections of 100 fg/μL Pierce™ Reserpine on a Hypersil GOLD aQ 2.1x20 mm Javelin column with isocratic 300 μL/min flow of 70% methanol: 30% water: 0.05% formic acid (upper panel).The SRM transitions monitored were 609.3-195.1 and 609.3-448.2 m/z with a 0.2 FWHM Q1 peak width (lower panel).

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ HeLa Digest Standard base peak chromatogram. Chromatogram of 200 ng Pierce HeLa Protein Digest Standard separated using a Thermo Scientific™ Acclaim™ PepMap™100 3 μm x 75 μm x 15 cm column (Product # 160321) with a 2-35% gradient (A: 0.1% FA in water, B: 0.1% FA in 100% acetonitrile) at 300 nL/min for 120 minutes and detected on a Thermo Scientific™ LTQ Orbitrap™ XL Mass Spectrometer.