We offer reagents and kits for both discovery and targeted proteomics applications. Both individual reagents and complete kits are available.
  • Powerful—isobaric tags and metabolic amino acid labeling offer concurrent MS analysis of multiple samples, to help increase sample throughput and enabling relative quantitation of 2 to 11 different samples derived from cells, tissues, or biological fluids
  • Accurate—HeavyPeptide AQUA Custom peptides and SureQuant targeted mass spec assays provide concentration precision to meet your application needs quantitation of proteins at very low concentrations in complex protein mixtures
  • Broad portfolio—extensive offering of both kits and individual reagents for discovery and targeted Mass Spec Protein Quantitation
  • Compatible—optimized for use with Thermo Scientific LC-MS or LC-MS/MS platforms with data analysis fully supported by Proteome Discoverer 3.1 or Pinpoint 1.4

Choose the right protein quantitation reagent

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 SILACTMTPeptides for SRMSureQuant targeted assays
Method of labelingMetabolicAmine-, cysteine-, and carbonyl-reactive mass tagsSpike-in standardSpike-in standard
Sample typeCultured mammalian cellsCultured mammalian cells;
Cultured mammalian cells;
Cultured mammalian cells; tissue; biofluids
Digestion protocolIn-gelIn solutionIn solutionIn solution
Quantitation modeMS1MS2 (6-plex)
MS3 (10-plex)
MS3 (11-plex)
Multiplex options2-plex, 3-plex, 4-plex2-plex, 6-plex, 10-plex, 11-plexSamples not combinedSamples not combined

Discovery vs. targeted quantitation

Discovery proteomics maximizes protein identification by spending more time and effort per sample and reducing the number of samples analyzed. In contrast, targeted proteomics strategies limit the number of features that will be monitored, and then optimize the chromatography, instrument tuning and acquisition methods to achieve the highest sensitivity and throughput for larger sample sets.

Video of metabolic labeling of cultured cells using SILAC NeuCode reagents in action

Other products for targeted quantitation

Rapid, cell-free expression of recombinant proteins containing stable isotope-labeled (i.e., heavy) amino acids can be generated using the 1-Step Heavy Protein IVT Kit. Heavy proteins expressed using this system can be used as mass spectrometry controls for sample preparation loss, digestion efficiency determination or as quantification standards. The Pierce Peptide Retention Time Calibration Mixture contains 15 synthetic heavy peptides mixed at an equimolar ratio that elute across the chromatographic gradient and can be used to assess LC performance as well to predict peptide retention times in targeted assay development.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.