Cell Lysis and Fractionation

Our tissue lysis, cell lysis, and cell fractionation products are optimized for sample type. The lysates or fractions collected are compatible with a wide range of downstream applications. Features include:

  • High protein yields from cells or tissues
  • Gentle formulations that preserve protein activity for downstream assays
  • Directly compatible with protein assays, immunoprecipitation, immunoassays, western blotting, EMSA, and enzyme assays
  • Validated using multiple tissue types and cell lines
  • Eliminates the need for mechanical cell disruption

Featured cell lysis and fractionation categories

High-purity, low-peroxide, surfactant solutions and detergent solids for use in cell lysis reagent formulation, protein solubilization procedures, and as wash buffers for ELISA and other protein research methods.

Rapid, high-purity isolations from crude fractions or fractions of common densities—can be used to isolate a number of different organelles and organelle-specific proteins in small volumes, and can replace time-consuming and labor intensive density gradient centrifugations.

Gentle whole cell lysis buffers for high-yield protein extraction and solubilization from E. coli and other bacteria, cultured mammalian cells and tissues, insect cells, yeast cultures, and flowering plants.

Reagent-based kits optimized for stepwise separation, enrichment, and extraction of proteins from different cell fractions; isolate cytoplasmic, membrane, nuclear, chromatin-bound, and cytoskeletal proteins for downstream analysis.

Optimized reagent kits for subcellular fractionation of proteins and isolation of organelles such as nuclei, mitochondria, peroxisomes, and lysosomes by Dounce-homogenization and density-gradient separation.

Ready-to-use, inhibitor cocktail solutions and tablets, as well as individual purified formulations of protease inhibitors and phosphatase inhibitors to protect proteins from degradation during cell lysis and extraction.

Related categories

Mini- and microcentrifuges to accelerate your protein preparation protocols with RCFs up to 21,000 x g in compact, safe, easy-to-use instruments.

Designed for solid performance and consistent results, our benchtop centrifuges deliver efficient sample processing for your protein purification & isolation applications.

Featured product data

Outperforms comparable reagents

Membrane protein yields from common cell lines obtained with two popular extraction kits. Membrane proteins were isolated using the Thermo Scientific Mem-PER Plus Membrane Protein Extraction Kit (Cat. No. 89842) and the EMD Millipore ProteoExtract Native Membrane Protein Extraction Kit (Cat. No. 444810), following the respective protocols. Membrane protein yield was determined by BCA Protein Assay (Cat. No. 23225) with BSA standards (Cat. No. 23209).

Compatible with downstream applications

Chemiluminescent EMSA of four different DNA-protein complexes. DNA binding reactions were performed using 20 fmol biotin-labeled DNA duplex (1 biotin per strand) and 2 µL (6.8 µg total protein) of nuclear extract from HeLa prepared using the Thermo Scientific NE-PER Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Extraction Reagents (Cat. No. 78833). For reactions containing specific competitor DNA, a 200-fold molar excess of unlabeled specific duplex was used.