Preserve the integrity of phosphoproteins in your samples

Phosphatase inhibitor cocktails and tablets contain chemical compounds that target serine, threonine, and tyrosine phosphatases. Halt liquid cocktails are available in 100 μL single-use format or 1, 1 x 5 and 10 mL pack sizes; Pierce tablets come in one size for 10 mL volumes, to accommodate different volume and pricing needs. These tablets are formulated to dissolve quickly into a clear solution, and are fully compatible with all Pierce protein assays.

Choose the right format for your experiment

 Halt Phosphatase Inhibitor CocktailPierce Phosphatase Inhibitor Tablet
Flexible addition based on sample volume?YesNo
Contains DMSOYesNo
Requires reconstitutionNo (100X)Yes
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Preserve protein phosphorylation from phosphatases in cell and tissue extracts


Thermo Scientific Pierce Phosphatase Inhibitors preserve protein phosphorylation from phosphatases in cell and tissue extracts. Relative levels of total and phosphorylated protein were determined following protein extraction in the absence (–) or presence (+) of phosphatase inhibitors for (A) AKT and PDGFR in serum-starved, PDGF-stimulated (100 ng/mL) NIH 3T3 cell extracts and (B) ERK1/2 in liver and spleen tissue extracts. C: The degree of inhibition for protein, acid and alkaline phosphatase activity was determined in mouse brain extract following treatment with Pierce Phosphatase Inhibitor Tablets or another commercially available phosphatase inhibitor tablet.