Assorted protein sample preparation and dialysis cassettes

Many salts and detergents used in protein extraction reagents adversely affect protein function and stability or interfere with downstream analysis. Therefore, it is necessary to remove contaminants following cell lysis or subsequent sample processing, such as protein purification. We offer a variety of resins and specialty devices that efficiently remove salts and small molecule contaminants, such as detergents, from samples. They are offered in multiple flexible formats and are designed to provide efficient and consistent performance providing high sample recoveries. In many cases, downstream sample analysis may also require proteins and other biomolecules to be at an appropriate concentration to ensure successful examination. We offer a wide range of ultrafiltration concentrator devices that accommodate a wide range of sample volumes to remove excess liquids and buffers from samples, thereby increasing protein concentrations. To remove small molecules such as unconjugated fluorescent dyes, biotin, excess crosslinkers, and other reaction by-products, Pierce Dye and Biotin Removal Spin Columns can be used to achieve exceptional cleanup results.

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 Dialysis DevicesDesalting Spin ColumnsConcentratorsDyes & Biotin Removal Columns
Volume Range10 μL–250 mL2 μL–4 mL100 μL–100 mL50 μL–4 mL
Processing Time2–24 hrs5–10 min5–30 min*5–15 min
ApplicationsDesalting, buffer exchange, removal of unincorporated labelsDesalting, buffer exchange, removal of unincorporated labelsSample concentration, buffer exchangeRemoval of unincorporated dyes, biotin, crosslinkers, and reducing agents
Sample TypeProteins, CellsProteinsProteinsPurified proteins
Viscous Sample CompatibilityYesNoNoNo
Sample DilutionPossibleNoNoNo
Image showing multiple available volumes and MWCOs of the Slide-A-Lyzer G3 Product Line

Make dialysis easy with the Slide-A-Lyzer G3 Dialysis Cassettes.

Stop fumbling with traditional dialysis tubing and try a more secure, user-friendly alternative. Slide-A-Lyzer G3 cassettes offer improved sample security, easier handling and sample access compared with traditional dialysis. This third-generation cassette is also improved to offer a more compact shape, easier opening cap, and significantly less plastic waste than previous generations.

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Pierce Dye and Biotin Removal columns enable fast and efficient removal of non-reacted fluorescent dyes, biotin, reducing agents, and crosslinkers from samples containing proteins of interest that are larger than 7 kDa.

Thermo Scientific Pierce Concentrators are available in four distinct molecular weight cutoffs (MWCO) for volumes ranging between 100 μL – 100 mL.

Slide-A-Lyzer devices, cassettes, and flasks in a variety of formats and MWCOs, Pierce 96-well microdialysis plates, & SnakeSkin Dialysis Tubing.

Detergent removal resins in two formulations—optimized for high- or low-peptide concentrations—available in spin columns and 96-well spin filter plates.

Quickly remove salts and small molecules from protein solutions using Thermo Scientific Zeba Spin Columns, plates, and cartridges.

The Thermo Scientific Pierce RED system with easy-to-use inserts or preloaded plates for automation-compatible plasma protein binding assays.

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Mini- and microcentrifuges to help accelerate your protein preparation protocols with RCFs up to 21,000 x g in compact, safe, easy-to-use instruments.

Designed for solid performance and consistent results, our benchtop centrifuges deliver efficient sample processing for your protein purification & isolation applications.

Detect and measure bacterial endotoxin levels using our portfolio of endotoxin assays, including the Pierce Rapid Gel Clot Endotoxin Kit and the Pierce Chromogenic Endotoxin Quantitation Kit. Reduce endotoxin levels up to 99% in less than one hour using our Pierce High Capacity Endotoxin Removal Spin Columns, with protein recovery ≥85%.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.