Protein Dialysis, Desalting, and Concentration

After cell lysis or isolation, lysates often contain contaminants that are not compatible with downstream steps. We offer a variety of specialty devices and resins that simply and efficiently desalt, exchange buffer, and remove detergents from samples. In addition, if the protein concentration is too dilute for further processing or analysis, the sample can be concentrated quickly using centrifugal concentrators.

Choose the right protein clean-up product for your experiments

  Dialysis devices, cassettes, 96-well plates and tubing Desalting spin columns, 96-well spin plates and cartridges Concentrators Detergent removal spin columns and 96-well spin plates
Sample volume processing range 10 μL–250 mL 2 μL–4 mL 100 μL–100 mL 25 μL–1 mL
Sample processing time (volume dependent) 2–24 hrs 5–10 min 5–30 min* 15–20 min
Key applications Buffer exchange, desalting, virus purification Desalting, buffer exchange, removal of unincorporated label Sample concentration, desalting, buffer exchange Removal of anionic, nonionic and zwitterionic detergents
Recommended sample type Purified protein Lysate or purified protein Lysate or purified protein Purified protein or peptide mixture
Compatible with viscous samples? Yes No No No
Sample diluted during processing? Possible No No No
Gamma-irradiated options available? Yes No No No

* for 10K MWCO (device dependent—times may vary for other MWCO’s)

Featured dialysis, desalting, and concentration categories

Slide-A-Lyzer™ devices, cassettes, and flasks in a variety of formats and MWCOs, Pierce™ 96-well microdialysis plates, & SnakeSkin™ Dialysis Tubing

Quickly remove salts and small molecules from protein solutions using Thermo Scientific™ Zeba™ Spin Columns, plates, and cartridges

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Concentrators are available in four distinct molecular weight cutoffs (MWCO) for volumes ranging between 100 μL – 100 mL

Detergent removal resins in two formulations—optimized for high- or low-peptide concentrations—available in spin columns and 96-well spin filter plates

The Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ RED system with easy-to-use inserts or preloaded plates for automation-compatible plasma protein binding assays

We offer reliable products to help you effectively isolate peptides, proteins, and protein complexes directly from your crude sample

Related categories

Mini- and microcentrifuges to accelerate your protein preparation protocols with RCFs up to 21,000 x g in compact, safe, easy-to-use instruments.

Designed for solid performance and consistent results, our benchtop centrifuges deliver efficient sample processing for your protein purification & isolation applications.


Endotoxin removal

Available in multiple formats, Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ High-Capacity Endotoxin Removal Resin selectively binds and removes endotoxins from protein, peptide, and antibody samples using a modified ε-poly-L-lysine [poly(ε-lysine)] affinity ligand. Endotoxin levels in biological samples are reduced by ≥99% in as fast as 1 hour using our spin column format, with ≥85%. protein recovery.