Image of Slide-A-Lyzer Dialysis Cassettes and Flasks

Secure sample loading and retrieval without leaks

Slide-A-Lyzer G3 dialysis cassettes and flasks consist of rigid, free-standing frames that contain large surface area regenerated cellulose membranes, and a locking cap. These devices enable easy sample loading, retrieval, and security for your dialysis experiments, and are available in volumes ranging from 1–250 mL in a large number of molecular weight cutoffs (MWCOs). Unlike standard flat tubing, these innovative devices do not require knots or clips that can lead to leakage and sample loss.

Slide-A-Lyzer G3 dialysis cassettes and flasks offer the following benefits:

  • Maximum sample security—Sealed membranes prevent leakage that can occur with dialysis tubing.
  • Ergonomic—The frame is lighter and more compact, making it easier to handle for loading and retrieval.
  • Greener by design—The Slide-A-Lyzer G3 features up to a 68% reduction in plastic waste compared to previous generations while offering the same secure, high-performance dialysis. Refer to the Slide-A-Lyzer G3 green fact sheet for more information.
  • Self-flotation—Does not require external flotation device or clips.

Use Slide-A-Lyzer G3 dialysis cassettes and flasks in various applications, including low molecular-weight contaminant and salt removal, buffer exchange, and sample concentration.

How do Slide-A-Lyzer G3 dialysis cassettes work?

The Slide-A-Lyzer G3 is simple to use. Load the cassette with sample, put it into the dialysis buffer, and then retrieve the sample.

Steps showing how to use a Slide-A-Lyzer Dialysis cassette

Watch the video for more details.

How to choose the right Slide-A-Lyzer G3 dialysis cassette

 Volume range
MWCO1–3 mL5–15 mL10–30 mL25–70 mL65–125 mL
2KSlide-A-Lyzer G3
3 mL/2K
Slide-A-Lyzer G3
15 mL/2K
Slide-A-Lyzer G3
30 mL/2K
Slide-A-Lyzer G3
70 mL/2K
Slide-A-Lyzer G3
125 mL/2K
3.5KSlide-A-Lyzer G3
3 mL/3.5K
Slide-A-Lyzer G3
15 mL/3.5K
Slide-A-Lyzer G3
30 mL/3.5K
Slide-A-Lyzer G3
70 mL/3.5K
Slide-A-Lyzer G3
125 mL/3.5K
10KSlide-A-Lyzer G3
3 mL/10K
Slide-A-Lyzer G3
15 mL/10K
Slide-A-Lyzer G3
30 mL/10K
Slide-A-Lyzer G3
70 mL/10K
Slide-A-Lyzer G3
125 mL/10K
10K (E-Beam Irradiated)Slide-A-Lyzer G3
3 mL/10K
(E-Beam Irradiated)

Slide-A-Lyzer G3
15 mL/10K
(E-Beam Irradiated)

Slide-A-Lyzer G3
30 mL/10K
(E-Beam Irradiated)

Slide-A-Lyzer G3
70 mL/10K
(E-Beam Irradiated)

Slide-A-Lyzer G3
125 mL/10K
(E-Beam Irradiated)

20KSlide-A-Lyzer G3
3 mL/20K
Slide-A-Lyzer G3
15 mL/20K
Slide-A-Lyzer G3
30 mL/20K
Slide-A-Lyzer G3
70 mL/20K
Slide-A-Lyzer G3
125 mL/20K

Important Discontinuation Notice: The Slide-A-Lyzer G2 line will be discontinued. Please consider the use of the new and improved G3 generation.

Choose the right Slide-A-Lyzer cassette for your experiments

Old Cat. No.Slide-A-Lyzer G2 dialysis cassettes (discontinued on July 1, 2023)New Cat. No.Slide-A-Lyzer G1 and G3 dialysis cassettes (replacement products)
87717Slide-A-Lyzer G2, 2K MWCO, 0.5 mL66205

Slide-A-Lyzer G1, 2K MWCO, 0.5 mL

87718Slide-A-Lyzer G2, 2K MWCO, 3 mLA52961Slide-A-Lyzer G3, 2K MWCO, 3 mL
87719Slide-A-Lyzer G2, 2K MWCO, 15 mLA52962Slide-A-Lyzer G3, 2K MWCO, 15 mL 
87720Slide-A-Lyzer G2, 2K MWCO, 30 mLA52963Slide-A-Lyzer G3, 2K MWCO, 30 mL
87721Slide-A-Lyzer G2, 2K MWCO, 70 mLA52964Slide-A-Lyzer G3, 2K MWCO, 70 mL
  A52965Slide-A-Lyzer G3, 2K MWCO, 125 mL
87722Slide-A-Lyzer G2, 3.5K MWCO, 0.5 mL66333Slide-A-Lyzer G1, 3.5K MWCO, 0.5 mL
87723Slide-A-Lyzer G2, 3.5K MWCO, 3 mLA52966Slide-A-Lyzer G3, 3.5K MWCO, 3 mL
87724Slide-A-Lyzer G2, 3.5K MWCO, 15 mLA52967Slide-A-Lyzer G3, 3.5K MWCO, 15 mL
87725Slide-A-Lyzer G2, 3.5K MWCO, 30 mLA52968Slide-A-Lyzer G3, 3.5K MWCO, 30 mL 
87726Slide-A-Lyzer G2, 3.5K MWCO, 70 mLA52969Slide-A-Lyzer G3, 3.5K MWCO, 70 mL
  A52970Slide-A-Lyzer G3, 3.5K MWCO, 125 mL
87727Slide-A-Lyzer G2, 7K MWCO, 0.5 mL66373Slide-A-Lyzer G1, 7K MWCO, 0.5 mL
87728Slide-A-Lyzer G2, 7K MWCO, 3 mL66370Slide-A-Lyzer G1, 7K MWCO, 3 mL
87729Slide-A-Lyzer G2, 10K MWCO, 0.5 mL66383Slide-A-Lyzer G3, 10K MWCO, 0.5 mL
87730Slide-A-Lyzer G2, 10K MWCO, 3 mLA52971Slide-A-Lyzer G3, 10K MWCO, 3 mL
87731Slide-A-Lyzer G2, 10K MWCO, 15 mLA52972Slide-A-Lyzer G3, 10K MWCO, 15 mL
87732Slide-A-Lyzer G2, 10K MWCO, 30 mLA52973Slide-A-Lyzer G3, 10K MWCO, 30 mL
87733Slide-A-Lyzer G2, 10K MWCO, 70 mLA52974Slide-A-Lyzer G3, 10K MWCO, 70 mL
  A52975Slide-A-Lyzer G3, 10K MWCO, 125 mL
88250Slide-A-Lyzer G2, 10K MWCO, 0.5 mL, Gamma Irradiated66454Slide-A-Lyzer G1, 10K MWCO, 0.5 mL, Gamma-Irradiated
88251Slide-A-Lyzer G2, 10K MWCO, 3 mL, Gamma IrradiatedA52981Slide-A-Lyzer G3, 10K MWCO, 3 mL, E-Beam Irradiated
88252Slide-A-Lyzer G2, 10K MWCO, 15 mL, Gamma IrradiatedA52982Slide-A-Lyzer G3, 10K MWCO, 15 mL, E-Beam Irradiated
88253Slide-A-Lyzer G2, 10K MWCO, 30 mL, Gamma IrradiatedA52983Slide-A-Lyzer G3, 10K MWCO, 30 mL, E-Beam Irradiated
88254Slide-A-Lyzer G2, 10K MWCO, 70 mL, Gamma IrradiatedA52984Slide-A-Lyzer G3, 10K MWCO, 70 mL, E-Beam Irradiated
  A52985Slide-A-Lyzer G3, 10K MWCO, 125 mL, E-Beam Irradiated
87734Slide-A-Lyzer G2, 20K MWCO, 0.5 mL66005Slide-A-Lyzer G1, 20K MWCO, 0.5 mL
87735Slide-A-Lyzer G2, 20K MWCO, 3 mLA52976Slide-A-Lyzer G3, 20K MWCO, 3 mL
87736Slide-A-Lyzer G2, 10K MWCO, 15 mLA52977Slide-A-Lyzer G3, 20K MWCO, 15 mL
87737Slide-A-Lyzer G2, 20K MWCO, 30 mLA52978Slide-A-Lyzer G3, 20K MWCO, 30 mL 
87738Slide-A-Lyzer G2, 20K MWCO, 70 mLA52979Slide-A-Lyzer G3, 20K MWCO, 70 mL
  A52980Slide-A-Lyzer G3, 20K MWCO, 125 mL
Slide-A-Lyzer original cassettes

Slide-A-Lyzer Dialysis Cassettes help facilitate the rapid and effective dialysis of sample volumes ranging from 100 μL to 30 mL. The cassette design helps maximize surface area to sample volume ratio and enables excellent sample recoveries.

In comparison to standard flat tubing, these innovative cassettes do not require knots or clips that may lead to leaking and sample loss, helping to obtain more complete sample recovery. They are available in four volume capacities and in MWCOs of 2K, 3.5K, 7K, 10K, and 20K.

Choose your Slide-A-Lyzer cassette by volume and MWCO

 Volume range
MWCO0.1–0.5 mL0.5–3 mL3–12 mL10–30 mL
2KSlide-A-Lyzer G1
0.5 mL/2K
Slide-A-Lyzer G1
3 mL/2K
Slide-A-Lyzer G1
12 mL/2K
Slide-A-Lyzer G1
30 ml/2K
3.5KSlide-A-Lyzer G1
0.5 mL/3.5K
66335 (kit)
Slide-A-Lyzer G1
3 mL/3.5K
66332 (kit)
Slide-A-Lyzer G1
12 mL/3.5K
66107 (kit)
Slide-A-Lyzer G1
30 mL/3.5K
7KSlide-A-Lyzer G1
0.5 mL/7K
Slide-A-Lyzer G1
3 mL/7K
66372 (kit)
Slide-A-Lyzer G1
12 mL/7K
66707 (kit)
Not available
10KSlide-A-Lyzer G1
0.5 mL/10K
66385 (kit)
Slide-A-Lyzer G1
3 mL/10K
66382 (kit)
Slide-A-Lyzer G1
12 mL/10K
66807 (kit)
Slide-A-Lyzer G1
30 mL/10K
(gamma irradiated)
Slide-A-Lyzer G1
0.5 mL/10K (gamma)
Slide-A-Lyzer G1
3 mL/10K (gamma)
Slide-A-Lyzer G1
12 mL/10K (gamma)
Slide-A-Lyzer G1
30 mL/10K (gamma)
20KSlide-A-Lyzer G1
0.5 mL/20K
Slide-A-Lyzer G1
3 mL/20K
Slide-A-Lyzer G1
12 mL/20K
Slide-A-Lyzer G1
30 mL/20K

Learn more about Slide-A-Lyzer cassettes

Table 1. Quantitative sample recovery.

Three sample volume batches of water (0.5 mL, 1.7 mL, and 3.0 mL) were loaded and recovered per the respective manufacturer’s instructions in a Slide-A-Lyzer Dialysis Cassette or conventional dialysis tubing to determine the volumes of recovery. Water volume recovered was determined gravimetrically.

Sample volume loadedSlide-A-Lyzer dialysis cassette % volume recoveryTraditional dialysis tubing % volume recovery
3.0 mL9.4792.32
1.7 mL99.3093.12
0.5 mL98.7687.51

Thermo Scientific Slide-A-Lyzer cassette procedure summary


1. Insert syringe needle through the gasket via one of the corner ports. Inject the sample, withdraw the excess air and remove the syringe.


2. Attach a float buoy and dialyze. (Buoys also serve as convenient bench-top stands for the cassettes.)


3. Insert empty syringe needle at a second corner port. Inject air to expand the cassette chamber, then withdraw the dialyzed sample.

Slide-A-Lyzer dialysis orange flasks

Features of Slide-A-Lyzer dialysis flasks:

  • Easy to use—Simply pipette or pour sample into flask and begin dialysis
  • Fast dialysis—Flat flask chamber with two membranes provides high surface-area to volume ratio, enabling dialysis of a 250 mL sample in eight hours to overnight
  • High recovery—Rectangular flask design maximizes recovery of entire sample volume via opening at top of flask
  • Multiple molecular-weight cut-offs—Select the membrane MWCO that best suits your sample's molecular weight
  • Color-coded frames—Easily identify membrane pore size (MWCO) based on the frame color

Slide-A-Lyzer dialysis flasks are very easy to use. Add and remove sample using a serological pipette or by directly pouring the sample through a wide screw-cap opening at the top of the flask. No knots or clips are needed to seal the units. Slide-A-Lyzer dialysis flasks are manufactured using clean room conditions and have low-protein binding regenerated cellulose membranes to enable maximum sample recovery and sample purity. The dialysis flasks are available in distinct colors, corresponding to the MWCO of the dialysis membrane: purple (20,000 daltons), orange (10,000 daltons), pink (3,500 daltons), and blue (2,000 daltons).

Slide-A-Lyzer dialysis flasks are constructed from two sheets of low-binding, regenerated-cellulose dialysis membrane that are hermetically sealed on either side of an inert plastic body. The membrane and flask materials are compatible with most laboratory buffers.

With Slide-A-Lyzer dialysis flasks, typical low-molecular weight contaminant removal, buffer exchange, and desalting can be accomplished in eight hours to overnight. The rate of dialysis depends on a variety of factors, including sample volume, size and shape of the molecule being dialyzed, agitation, and temperature. Minimum dialysis time must be determined empirically for each specific system.

Choose the right Slide-A-Lyzer flask device for your experiments

MWCOMax volumeCat. No.
2K250 mL87760
3.5K230 mL87761
10K250 mL87762
20 K250 mL87763
Flotation disks for flasks

Slide-A-Lyzer flasks video

What is a dialysis cassette?

Dialysis cassettes offer a more convenient and secure alternative to traditional dialysis tubing. Traditional dialysis membrane tubing can be awkward to load and retrieve your sample, is slippery when wet and requires knots or plastic clips to secure the sample—these extra steps contribute to the possibility of lost sample. The Slide-A-Lyzer dialysis cassette offers a rigid-framed, free-standing, and self-floating vessel (G3 & G1) with a secure cap closure and large surface area regenerated cellulose membranes for simple and efficient dialysis experiments. Samples can be loaded and retrieved easily using a serological pipette or syringe.

Thermo Scientific created the original Slide-A-Lyzer G1 in 1997 as the first ready-to-use alternative to traditional tubing for dialysis experiments and has been refining the design over the past twenty years.

plastic protein dialysis cassettes

Cassette devices

Traditional tubingvs.Cassette
Slippery when wet
Flat tubing is difficult to handle when wet, increasing risk of sample loss during sample addition/removal
sample handlingEasy handling and secure sample delivery
Plastic frame and cap allow for secure sample addition/removal
Risk of sample loss
Sample can leak out if clamp becomes loose or falls off
sample recoverySample protection
Welded membrane and leak-proof cap helps minimize the risk of sample loss
Time consuming
Non-optimized design that typically requires overnight dialysis
speedFast and efficient
Innovative design with high surface/volume ratio allows for more rapid dialysis than conventional tubing

Comparison of Thermo Scientific Slide-A-Lyzer Cassettes with traditional dialysis tubing.

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