Thermo Scientific™ Pierce concentrators are disposable ultrafiltration centrifugal devices with a polyethersulfone (PES) membrane for the concentration, desalting and buffer exchange of biological samples. These products are available in four sizes (0.5 mL, 6 mL, 20 mL and 100 mL) and with a range of molecular-weight cutoffs (3K, 5K 10K, 30K and/or 100K MWCO).

  • Rapid processing—concentrate samples up to 10- to 30-fold in 5–30 minutes for 10K MWCO (device dependent—times may vary for other MWCO’s)
  • High recovery— retain  >90% of protein samples while removing contaminants or exchanging buffers
  • Convenient—clear markings, wide sample chamber and removable filtrate chamber make handling simple and easy
  • Instrument compatible—can be used with standard centrifuges utilizing either fixed-angle or swinging-bucket rotors

Choose the right protein concentrator for your experiments

Molecular weight cutoff (MWCO) 0.1 mL–0.5 mL capacity 1 mL–6 mL capacity 5 mL–20 mL capacity 20 mL–100 mL capacity
3,000 MWCO Catalog number
Catalog numbers
88514, 88515
Catalog numbers
88525, 88526
5,000 MWCO       Catalog number
10,000 MWCO Catalog number
Catalog numbers
88516, 88517
Catalog numbers
88527, 88528
Catalog number
30,000 MWCO Catalog number
Catalog numbers
88521, 88522
Catalog numbers
88529, 88531
Catalog number
100,000 MWCO Catalog number
Catalog numbers
88523, 88524
Catalog numbers
88532, 88533
Catalog number
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