Various volume capacities of Zeba Spin Desalting Columns

Thermo Scientific Zeba Spin Desalting Columns are made of low protein binding polypropylene and compatible with a wide range of standard laboratory instruments and consumables. 

Our Zeba columns are designed to be compatible with most swinging-bucket or fixed-angle bench- or floor-model centrifuges (please verify head clearance before use), and are available in five volume capacities and two molecular weight cut-offs (MWCOs), 7K and 40K.

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Choose the right Zeba Spin Desalting Column for you

 Micro spin columnZeba 0.5 mL spin columnZeba 2 mL spin columnZeba 5 mL spin columnZeba 10 mL spin columnStacks of 96-well clear microplates
FormatMicro Spin Column0.5 mL Spin Column2 mL Spin Column5 mL Spin Column10 mL Spin Column96-well Filter Plates
Resin bed
75 μL0.5 mL2 mL5 mL10 mLN/A
Volume capacity
2–12 μL30–130 μL200–700 μL500–2,000 μL700–4,000 μL20–100 µL
Volume capacity
(40K MWCO)
5–14 μL70–200 μL200–900 μL300–2,000 μL1,000–4,000 μL20–100 µL
7K MWCO pack sizes
Cat. No.
89877, 8987889882, 8988389889, 8989089891, 8989289893, 898948980789808
40K MWCO pack sizes
Cat. No.
87764, 8776587766, 8776787768, 8776987770, 8777187772, 877738777487775

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Table 1. Comparison of recommended sample volume capacity of common spin desalting products.

Table comparing sample volume capacity of common spin desalting products

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.