Zeba spin desalting columns

Thermo Scientific Zeba Spin Desalting Columns are made of low protein-binding polypropylene and are compatible with a wide range of standard laboratory instruments and consumables. 

Our Zeba columns are designed for use with most swinging-bucket or fixed-angle bench- or floor-model centrifuges (please verify head clearance before use), and are available in five volume capacities and two molecular weight cut-offs (MWCOs), 7K and 40K.

Choose the right Zeba Spin Desalting Column for you

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FormatMicro Spin Column0.5 mL Spin Column2 mL Spin Column5 mL Spin Column10 mL Spin Column96-well Filter Plates
Resin bed
75 μL0.5 mL2 mL5 mL10 mLN/A
Volume capacity
2–12 μL30–130 μL200–700 μL500–2,000 μL700–4,000 μL20–100 µL
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Volume capacity
5–14 μL70–200 μL200–900 μL300–2,000 μL1,000–4,000 μL20–100 µL
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* MWCO = Molecular Weight Cut-Off

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Zeba Spin Desalting Columns and Plates video

Thermo Scientific Zeba Spin Desalting Columns

Zeba spin desalting columns quickly and effectively remove salts and other small molecules from your sample using gel-filtration chromatography. They contain ready-to-use size exclusion resin that enables high salt retention and protein recovery. Zeba columns eliminate the need for gravity-filtration, thus speeding up the desalting process. View the video to learn how to desalt your sample using the Zeba Spin Desalting Columns.

Zeba spin desalting column performance

Zeba Spin Desalting Columns are available in a variety of sizes and volume capacities compared to competitor offerings (Table 1). Zeba columns can also be used with volumes as small as 5 uL (in micro format) to as large as 4 mL

Table comparing sample volume capacity of common spin desalting products

Table 1.Comparison of recommended sample volume capacity of common spin desalting products.

Zeba 40K Spin Desalting Columns contain a new and enhanced high-performance size-exclusion chromatography resin. These redeveloped Zeba columns demonstrate improved protein recovery for a variety of proteins in the 40 kDa and above molecular weight range (Table 2).

ProteinMolecular Size7K Zeba Column40K Zeba Column
Bacitracin1.5 kDa15%12%
Aprotinin6.5 kDa58%37%
Ubiquitin8.5 kDa78%51%
Lactalbumin14 kDa88%64%
Trypsin Inhibitor21 kDa94%76%
Carbonic Anhydrase30 kDa90%79%
Ovalbumin42 kDa95%95%
BSA67 kDa94%93%
Rabbit IgG150 kDa92%92%

*Recovery of 100 uL sample volume, with a loaded concentration of 0.5 mg/mL

Table 2. Protein recovery comparison using Zeba Protein Desalting Columns with 7K and 40K MWCO resin.

Zeba 7K Spin Desalting Columns contain a high-performance size-exclusion chromatography resin that allows for exceptional protein desalting and recovery. When compared to competitors, Zeba 7K desalting columns have superior protein recovery even at dilute protein concentrations (Figure 1).

Zeba 40K Spin Desalting Columns provide superior performance that improves protein recovery compared to competitors (Figure 2). Further, the new resin in the Zeba 40K desalting columns allows for higher desalting and is more effective at small protein removal (Figure 3).

Figure 2. Exceptional sample recovery of low protein loads with Zeba 40K spin columns. BSA and IgG of varying concentrations were applied in 50µl aliquots to either 0.5 mL Zeba 40K, competitor C, or Competitor B spin columns. All columns were equilibrated with PBS, then centrifuged per manufacturers’ instructions for each resin. Recovered protein (%) in each flow through sample was determined by BCA assay. Flow through samples were performed on SDS-PAGE and stained with either Coomassie Blue or silver stain. Although 12.5 µg total protein load was recovered efficiently by all three resins, lower recoveries were observed with competitor resins at 1 ug and 250 ng protein loads.

Figure 3. New enhanced Zeba 40K resin is more effective than that of competitors at removing small proteins. Purified protein samples (0.5mg/mL) of varying molecular weights were applied individually in 50 ul aliquots in either 0.5 mL Zeba 40K, Competitor C, or Competitor B spin columns equilibrated in PBS. Columns were centrifuged per manufacturers’ instructions for each resin, and the recovered protein (%) in each flow-through sample was determined by BCA protein assay. As opposed to competitor columns, the Zeba 40K resin was more efficient at removing smaller proteins (evidenced by the lower small protein recovery values).

Zeba Desalting Handbook

Thermo Scientific Zeba Resin technology provides consistent performance and peace of mind. The unique, proprietary Zeba Resin enables better protein recovery, even for samples with low protein concentrations.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.