Biotin-Binding Affinity Resins, 87739 High Capacity Streptavidin Agarose

We offer a variety of resins for the purification of biotinylated or desthiobiotinylated proteins, peptides, and other molecules. These resins are available in multiple pack sizes, as well as in spin columns, kits, and coated plates for some ligands. Select products based on avidin, streptavidin, NeutrAvidin™, or CaptAvidin™ proteins.

  • Product choice—a variety of biotin binding choices to meet your purification needs
  • High performance—resins that maximize binding capacity and elution conditions
  • Flexible—available in multiple pack sizes

Choose the right biotin-binding resin for your experiment

  Avidin Agarose Streptavidin Agarose Streptavidin Agarose HC NeutrAvidin Agarose NeutrAvidin Agarose HC Monomeric Avidin Agarose
Biotin binding sites 4 4 4 4 4 1
Binding capacity (biotinylated BSA) ≥20 µg/mL biotin 1–3 mg/mL >10 mg/mL 1–2 mg/mL >8 mg/mL >1.2 mg/mL
Specificity Low Higher Higher Highest Highest High
Nonspecific binding High Lower Lower Lowest Lowest Low
Elution conditions Harsh Harsh Harsh Harsh Harsh Mild
  20219 (5 mL), 20225 (5 x 5 mL) 20347 (2 mL), 20349 (5 mL), 20353 (10 mL) 20357 (2 mL), 20359 (5 mL), 20361 (10 mL) 29200 (5 mL), 29201 (10 mL) 29202 (5 mL), 29204 (10 mL) 20228 (5 mL), 20267 (10 mL)

Need a coated microplate to capture biotinylated molecules for ELISA development and other plate-based assays?

We also offer a wide range of biotinylation reagents for proteins, peptides, antibodies, and other molecules.