Protein Purification Accessories (empty spin cups and columns)

We offer a wide range of disposable plastic columns for small-scale purification needs, both in spin- and gravity-based formats: Pierce™ Spin Cups and Columns. The BupH™ Dry-Blend Buffer Packs are pre-blended and pre-measured dry mixtures of commonly needed buffers that are easy to prepare by just adding water. The Pierce 10X and 20X Concentrated Buffers are ready to use without having to reconstitute. These convenient buffer formulations are ideal for common laboratory applications, including protein purification, western blotting, immunoprecipitation, dialysis, and other methods.

  • Product choice—a variety of disposable columns optimized for purification needs, and easy-to-prepare buffers for a wide range of protein biology applications, including protein immobilization or modification, microplate coating, ELISA and western blot blocking and wash buffers, as well as those for electrophoresis
  • A range of formats—disposable columns come in multiple sizes and configurations and buffers are available both as dry blends and concentrated solutions.
  • Convenient—devices and buffers are made to improve sample processing and minimize preparation time


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.