Ambion® In Vivo siRNA molecules are chemically modified, 21-mer, double-stranded siRNAs that are recognized by the RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC) to mediate inhibition of a target gene. Proprietary chemical modifications allow Ambion® In Vivo siRNAs to overcome many in vivo–specific obstacles, ensuring their effectiveness and stability in vivo. Ambion® In Vivo siRNAs are at least 100x more stable in 90% mouse serum than unmodified siRNAs.

Ambion® In Vivo siRNAs, the new standard for in vivo RNAi applications, offer:

  • High stability against nucleases
  • No induction of the interferon response
  • Easy tracking of administered siRNAs
  • Combined knockdown effectiveness and stability

Catalog # Purification Size
4457298Standard Purity5 nmol
4457302HPLC purified250 nmol
4457304HPLC purified1 umol
4457306HPLC purified10 umol
4457308HPLC In Vivo Ready250 nmol
4457310HPLC In Vivo Ready1 umol
4457312HPLC In Vivo Ready10 umol


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