Ready-to-order, predesigned Stealth RNAi for human, rat, and mouse targets.
Ready, Click Go: fast and easy ordering of Stealth Select RNAi sequences. In silico design using the BLOCK-iT RNAi Designer followed by an advanced mismatch alignment search result in Select Stealth RNAi sequences to the majority of the human, rat, and mouse genes. Stealth Select provide highly effective knockdown while essentially eliminating concerns of off-target effects. Use the new BLOCK-iT RNAi Express search engine interface to quickly identify and order Stealth Select RNAi.

BLOCK-iT Pol II miR RNAi Expression Vectors for flexible, vector-based, tissue-specific RNAi
The BLOCK-iT Pol II miR RNAi Expression Vector Kits combine the advantages of traditional RNA interference vectors—stable expression and the ability to use viral delivery—with capabilities for tissue-specific expression and expression of multiple miRNAs from the same transcript. New products include:  

  • BLOCK-iT Pol II miR RNAi Expression Vector Kits
  • BLOCK-iT Lentiviral Pol II miR RNAi Expression Systems
  • BLOCK-iT Pol II miR Validated miRNA Control Vectors
  • BLOCK-iT Pol II miR Validated miRNA Vector DuoPaks

For fast, efficient results use lab validated Stealth RNAi
The Validated Stealth RNAi Collection saves you time and effort by providing bench-tested reagents for enhanced RNAi experiments. Using Validated Stealth RNAi Duplexes eliminates the need to design, screen, and validate RNAi duplexes for each gene of interest. Instead, these reagents have already been functionally validated in cells by Invitrogen's experienced RNA interference scientists.

Inducible RNAi in mammalian cells
Take control of your RNAi expression with the new BLOCK-iT Inducible H1 RNAi Entry Vector Kit or BLOCK-iT Inducible H1 Lentiviral RNAi System. Easily generate an inducible RNAi cassette that can be regulated in any tetracycline repressor expressing cell line to give high levels of shRNA expression.

Confirm non-specific effects are not confusing RNAi analysis
The activation of certain non-specific pathways can occur with some siRNA or shRNA constructs, and may lead to general cell shutdown and protein degradation. Uses the BLOCK-iT Stress Response Kit to test the cell lines and knockdown reagents in your RNAi experiments and have confidence in your results.

BLOCK-iT RNAi Target Screening System
Easily identify the best knockdown reagent for your gene of interest. With a simple and sensitive assay, you can test your knockdown efficiencies in an easy to transfect cell line-even one that does not express your target gene of interest.

Have confidence in your RNAi experimental analysis by using the right controls
Effectively optimize your RNAi experimental conditions and visually detect cell viability problems that could complicate your research. The new BLOCK-iT RNAi Basic Control Kit is designed to give you confidence in your RNAi experimental conditions and analysis.

Generate stable cell lines with the selection marker of your choice
Easily transfer inducible H1/TO or constitutive U6 RNAi cassettes containing the promoter of choice and your shRNA into one of the new Gateway DEST vectors. After transfection, you can select for stable cells with your choice of our popular selection reagents, Geneticin or Blasticidin.