PlateSelect™ RNAi are customizable 96-well RNAi duplexes. This format is ideal for researchers who want small amounts of RNAi duplexes in a ready-to-transfect plate format.

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RNAi duplexes in customizable 96-well plates

Select well orientation in 96-well plates and choose from Invitrogen’s Stealth™ or BLOCK-iT™ RNAi duplexes. The RNAi duplexes are provided at 1 nmol/well, and they are synthesized on demand, based on the most-up-to-date bioinformatics to reduce the chances of off-target effects.
  • Select the sequence and orientation of your duplexes to match your transfection protocol
  •  Minimize off-target effects with on-demand, synthesized duplexes based on the most up-to-date bioinformatics
  • Order 1 to 96 duplexes per plate in a convenient 1 nmol scale—no minimum order
  • Choose Stealth RNAi™ siRNA chemically modified duplexes or BLOCK-iT™ RNAi duplexes using an easy-to-use interface